Sally: KidnappedMature

Sally was waiting in the parking lot of the school leaning against her mom’s car. Her mom had a meeting to go to and so Sally had to wait for her in the car. It got too stuffy inside so Sally decided to sit on the car instead. Anyways, it was really nice out. Sally stared at the asphalt as she thought back to what happened in chemistry. After class, the teacher did not asked for her to stay after and seemed to completely change his attitude towards her. She was really surprised. But the thing that really caught her mind was the way Gabriel was staring at her. Instead of feeling excited like she thought she would, she felt a chill run down her spine. The flash the lock gave off was obviously to restore things back to normal and to erase what just happened from everyone’s memories. If that was the case, then why didn’t his get erased? And just the way he was suddenly staring at her made her feel extremely uncomfortable. It was as if he had x-ray vision and was scanning her in some way shape or form.

She was still deep in thought when a bright sickly orange car parked in front of her. Sally looked up in surprise. Of all of the parking spots in the parking lot, why would this car park next to her? She stared at it and watched as the window of the drivers seat rolled down to reveal a tough looking man with tattoos that seemed to cover his arms.

“Yo! You what a ride?” He asked in a rough and gravelly voice.

“Uh no thanks. I’m just waiting for my mom who’s in a meeting….” She trailed off at the last part. Why would he want to know that her mom was in a meeting?”

“Are you sure you don’t just want a ride? It’s free!’

“No thanks.” Sally shook her head resolutely.

The man pounded his fist on the edge of the door. Sally jumped in surprised and noticed a little indent where his fist once was.

“Plan A is not working! Are we resorting to plan B then?” He called back to the other people in the car. There was a short conversation. Sally looked at them with a gut feeling that she should probably run right now. But then she was curious as of what they were going to do. She was looking at the car and found interestingly shiny. She was about to ask when all five men got out of the car. They looked like a big bunch of thugs and immediately Sally knew that she should have ran. She let out a scream as they grabbed her stuffed her into the car where she was taken away. There was a note left on the car hastily scrawled by one of the thugs. They drove away quickly.

The End

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