Jack: I'm a Human!?Mature

Jack never felt so cold before. But of course, he never actually remembered how it felt to be cold since he became Jack Frost. But after flying a few thousand miles from the North Pole, he was absolutely freezing. He landed down on some park where there wasn’t many people and stalked off to find Sally. How did he know her name was Sally? He didn’t know. He just knew and that was that. He walked around the city but became disgusted by how dirty and gum littered to sidewalk was. Plus people kept on staring at him since he was walking around barefoot and in tattered pants. He hated the disgusting feeling of dirt under his feet instead of frost. He was walking forward when he stepped on fresh sticky gum.

“Ohhhh! You got to be kidding me!” He groan as he tried to pull the nasty gum off his foot without attracting too much attention. It was hard to be seen by everyone when you were just a few minutes ago, only seen by some children. He hopped into an alleyway where he sat down and spent a good thirty minutes trying to scrub the gum off. When he finally finished, his hands smelled strongly of spearmint and feet. It was so nasty. Jack got up from the ground. This was not going to work. He couldn’t just walk down the street looking for someone who he had no idea of where she was. He couldn’t just flying around either because people would see him and he definitely did not want to be caught up trying to explain to humans how he was Jack Frost and could fly. They would probably label him as insane anyways. Plus it was just too cold. He sighed. I guess there’s no other way. He walked out of the alley way and continued down the street making sure to avoid all patches of gum on the ground.

The End

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