Sally: Ice LockMature

Sally found the lock under her pillow. It was small but quite heavy. The lock was made of white ice that would not melt. It was consistently cold and etched with different shades of blue twirls and other frosty patterns. She looked at it curiously. It was cold in her hand but it seemed to calm the excitement in her gut. She strung it on a string and tied it around her neck. It wasn’t ugly or anything and she was curious as of where it came from and who had the key. She got up and readied herself for school.

Today was a Tuesday and Sally hated Tuesdays. She had Latin in the morning and then French immediately following it. She hated both classes. She had 2 hours of Chemistry in the afternoon as a lab period and she was terrible at it. Plus it was always extremely embarrassing to screw up on labs with her crush there. She was dreading Chemistry especially today because of the fact that she had been consistently freezing almost every liquid that she could touch for the past three days. There was nothing she could do about it and she had to drink water out of a huge thermos jug so that the water inside wouldn’t freeze so fast. She was sitting in chemistry listening to the teacher blab about percent deviation and percent error. She really couldn’t care less about what a percent error or deviation was. She stared at the white board for a little while but her eyes slowly wandered over to Gabriel. He was currently whispering with the girl next to him and laughing occasionally at something funny they were talking about. Oh... He was just too beautiful. He had wavy black hair that flowed down into a slant that covered his eyes just a little. He had shining green almond shaped eyes that sparkled when he smiled. His nose was not too big and perfect white teeth. Sally didn’t know why she felt so drawn to his teeth but they were just so perfect. Gabriel had just transferred to this school a few days ago but he had a lot of friends already. She never even got a chance to talk to him before. She was daydreaming until she realized at everyone was staring at her. The teacher called on her to answer a question.

“Sally? Can you tell me what I just went over?”

Oh no.... Not that again. The teacher always seemed to ask her and only her that question. It was like he knew when she was zoning out in class and wanted to publicly humiliate her as much as he could.

“Um, you talked about percent deviation and percent error and how they’re related and...” She trailed off there.

“And?” The teacher demanded.

“And... And....” Sally was wordless. She tried looking at the board but none of it made any sense whatsoever.

“Can someone please help remind miss Sally with what we were just learning?” He looked around the room and his eyes stopped on Gabriel.

“Gabriel?” Gabriel looked up from his conversation.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Can you please remind miss Sally what we just learned?”The teacher seemed to have taken a liking of Gabriel the first day he came to school and constantly called on him like a role model, not that Sally would have wanted that to happen to her either.

“We learned about percent error and percent deviation.”

“Yes I know that. What else?” The teacher asked impatiently. he seemed to be trying to prove a point and it wasn’t exactly working.

“Um... And also...” He took a glance at the board and started reading off what it said there.

“And we also learned about how percent deviation was about precision and how percent error was about accuracy. And how sometimes it’s better to be more accurate and sometimes it’s better to be more precise.”

“Good.” The teacher turned back to face Sally. “Now can you repeat what mr. Gabriel just said?”

“Uh...” Sally wasn’t really paying attention to what Gabriel was saying either. “I- I- I didn’t really understand.....” She finally trailed off lamely.

“You didn’t understand?” The teacher sighed. “I think might need to have a talk at the end of class.”

Sally glared at him with surprise. “But- but-” She stammered.

“No buts young lady.” He shushed her and turned to continue teaching. Sally slumped down in her chair upset. This was only the second time in the month! She already went from three or four times a week to 2 times a month. How it is possible to not stray in this class? It’s so confusing! The more she thought about it, the more angry she got. Why? Why would this happened to her? She slammed her fist down on the table. Oops.

Everyone turned and looked at her. Even the teacher stared at her with surprise. The area that her fist had slammed down onto was covered in frost and was still growing out wards into a circle. It covered everything and people jumped away from it just so that they wouldn’t be covered in frost.

“What are you doing?” the teacher gasped in horror as the frost climbed towards him. Sally tried to lift her fist but it seemed to be glued down by frost too.

“I don’t know!” She said panicked. “I don’t know how to stop it!” She tugged on her arm when she felt the familiar prickle on her cheeks. Frost was spreading up to her cheeks and dyed her hair a frosty white. She sat there bewildered as the entire room covered up in frost. It kept on kept growing and the room got really cold. Sally sat there stuck in her chair in the frost feeling not as cold as she thought she would be when she notice that the lock around her neck was starting to glow. As it lit up, the frost seemed to be drawn to it and all of the frost was slowly sucked back up into the lock in glistening trails that flowed through the as if they were snow following a strong gust of wind. Every last bit of frost was sucked into the lock. Everyone was staring at it dazzled by the light. Suddenly it flashed and everyone was back into their seats as if nothing had happened. The teacher was teaching class like everything was normal and no one seemed to show any type of recollection of what just happened. Except for Gabriel who stared at her with furtive curiosity.

The End

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