Jack: Burns on the globeMature

Jack was walking around in North’ s workshop. North, or more commonly known as Santa Claus, was out visiting the Bunny’s warren. Why? He didn’t know.

Jack didn’t really have anything to do, so he took a stop at the globe. The globe was a large globe in North’s workshop that was filled with glowing lights. Each light represented was child that believed in the guardians. The guardians was made up of North, Bunnymund (or the Easter bunny), Sandy (the sandman), the tooth fairy (or just tooth for short)  and recently Jack himself became a guardian. They were all supposedly “make-believe”. Of course they weren’t actually make-believe since they all existed. Jack flew up and landed on the globe. He half walked half flew around the globe trying to identify as many of the glowing lights as he could. There were a lot. Jack was flying around when he noticed one of the lights. It glowed much brighter than any of the other lights, but it also constantly flickered. Any light that flickered meant the person was losing faith and any light that was larger showed deep faith, but how could deeply believing and not believing at all interchange so fast with each other so constantly? Jack was puzzled. He landed on the globe and was taking a good look at the light when suddenly the globe turn bright red and heated up to an intense temperature. Jack jumped back with surprise, sucking at his burnt fingers. He stared at the globe with surprise. This was not supposed to happen. Last time something had happened to the globe, it had been Pitch (a.k.a. the boogieman) and that resulted in a huge war that had almost destroyed the guardians. He floated in midair sucking at his burns which were, for some weird reason, not healing like they were supposed to. When he tried to call up frost to cool them, frost would grow up around the burns, but anything that went on the burns would immediately melt. This is interesting. Jack thought as he inspected his fingers. There were little red burn marks that seemed to glow.

Jack was 17, or at least he looked 17, even though it was more like 317. He had frosty blue hair that was highlighted in white, and only from a few lucky strands of unfrosted hair could you get a glimpse at his actual hair color: a dark tree bark brown. He had sparkling blue eyes that seemed to shine like ice being reflected in the sun and thin pale lips that almost blended in with his pale skin. He always had on a blue hoodie that was constantly lined with frost and tattered brown pants there were a tad bit too short for him. Jack never wore shoes.  He always had a thin wooden staff that had a G shaped hook on the end of it in his hand and he used it to summon storms and create frost. He looked back up at the globe just in time to see the entire globe covered in flames with all of the little lights flickering and flashing. All of the lights on the globe flickered under the fire, which wasn’t even actually burning on the globe. The fire spun around the globe quickly and then flew through the globe to gather together at the center into a big flaming ball of fire.

“Oh no, this is not going to be good…” He whispered to himself and before he knew it, the ball exploded and sent out a huge heat wave. Jack was pushed backwards and thrown into a wall. He slid down the wall and landed on the ground with a large thump. There was a loud high pitch squeal that rang through the entire workshop and then everything was silent. When Jack looked back up again at the globe, all the lights seemed much dimmer than they were before. Jack rolled over and groaned in pain. His entire body seemed to be burning and to be someone that controlled the cold, being burnt was the last thing Jack wanted to do, especially being burnt by some weird magical fire that wouldn’t let him summon any frost. Jack laid on the stone ground for a moment, letting the cool stones help ease his burns. His hoodie was singed in multiple spots and his legs were covered in bright glowing red burns. He crawled over to where his staff had landed and saw that it was singed to. When he grabbed it, no frost grew where he touched it like it usually would. Jack could not believe this. This must have been an attack that was targeted just towards him. He rolled over again on the ground and stared at a window. Outside the window was the moon, shining brightly into the workshop even though it was midday.

“Why did this happen to me!” He cried out desperately at the moon. Maybe man in the moon would hear him. Just maybe. “Why! Why was I burned like this!”

He stared at the moon for a moment. Nothing happened. He turned away, disappointed.

“You never say anything. Why would you say something now?” He muttered, upset. He tried sitting up just to fall back down in pain. Then he tried summoning frost. There was nothing. He felt empty inside without frost anymore. He was about to just give up and wait for North to come back when he saw the moon. It was glowing especially brightly and a beam of moonlight landed on the ground next to him.

He feel some of it shine on him and immediately, his burns were gone, but he still couldn’t summon any frost.

“Man in moon…” Jack stared at the beam of light. Slowly, a silhouette of a little boy not much older than 7 years old appeared standing in front of him. It was transparent and not very clear.

“So, I see you’ve gotten yourself in a mess here.” He said in a deep bass tone that was completely not fit for the age he looked. He lifted up his hand and a key appeared floating above it.

“Here. Take this. When you find the lock to this key,” He lifted up the other hand and there was a picture of the lock, “you’ll get your powers pack.” The key dropped to the ground.

“Where am I going to find the lock?” He said scrambling for the key.

“Find your sister. She has it.”

“My sister? But she’s been long dead!”

“People resurrect.”

“But how am I going to find her? I don’t know what she looks like!”

“Just follow the dot.” He said pointing at the still brightly shining light on the globe. It was the one that Jack had been examining before he got burned. Man in moon flew up to the globe and touched the light with his hand. It shined a beam of light on the floor that revealed a girl of 15 with shoulder length hair. “That’s the girl you’ll be looking for.”

“Sally?” Jack whispered quietly. Man in moon turned to leave.

“But wait!” Jack tried to stop him. “How am I going to get there?” But Man in moon was gone. Jack sat in silence for a little bit contemplating on what had just happened. Finally, he crawled up from the floor and walked away from the globe. Maybe his burns were healed, but he still had no power.

Jack walked past the working yetis and noticed that quite a few were staring at him funnily.

“What?” He said annoyed and ran back to his room where his slammed his door feeling pissed. He pulled down his hood, which had somehow flew up when he was slammed into the wall, and noticed that his hair didn’t seem to feel so sleek anymore. It was like the frost had been taken out of it. He ran over to a window and stared at his reflection. There he was, standing there with brown hair and brown eyes. Even his skin was more peachy. He stared at his reflection with horror. It was as if all of the frost had been taken out of him. Jack slumped down upset. He felt empty down inside. Maybe had had once wanted to be a real live human again just so that he could have a family and friends who could actually see him. But now that he was a guardian, there just was no need. Plus, he had grown to love the frost. He was sitting there staring out the window when there was a cough behind him. He turned around to see Man in moon there again.

“Um, I forgot to tell you this but the burns you got burned the frost out of you so you’re currently a 317 year old human in a 17 year old body.”

“What!” Seeing it and actually hearing it confirmed were two completely different things and the news shocked Jack just as much.

“Ok.” He tried to calm himself down. “Ok. So you’re saying that I’m just a regular human now? Like everything? Aging? Eating?”

“Yup. You hit it right on the spot.”

“So I’m not Jack Frost anymore? I’m just Jack. No more frost.”

“Yeah basically....”

“Well then how in the world am I going to find this Sally person?”

“Oh don’t worry! I managed to salvage your flying ability so you can still fly, but it’s going to be cold.”

“Oh....” Jack groaned as he put his head between his knees. “Why did this ever happen to me? Who did this?”

Man in moon was silent for a moment.

“I think it’s one of Pitch’s nightmares.”

“Pitch? I thought he was dead. Or at least forever trapped underground.”

“He is technically dead, but when he attacked the guardians, he created another super powerful companion from a nightmare. The companion was not fully completed and Pitch became impatient so he started without it. I guess the companion was finally finished.”

“You guess? So you mean that Pitch is rising again?”

“No. His companion, who was never trapped underground with him is rising.”

Jack closed his eyes and absorbed the information for a while before he looked back up again.

“So how am I going to turn immortal again?”

“I locked away some of your power in the lock your sister has. I knew something like this would happen so I created a… I guess you could say backup for some of your magic. The nightmare stole your magic. You’re going to have to get rid of it to get your magic back.”

“Are you serious? It was hard enough to get rid of Pitch…” He was about to ask another question when he noticed that Man in moon was gone. He stood up and looked at the moon out of the window. “Oh, I’ll find that nightmare alright and I’ll make sure it wished it never messed with me.” He finally said resolutely. Before long, he had written a note and left it in North’s room. Then he left.

The End

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