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Note: This is a fan fiction for Rise of the Guardians. There are no spoilers if you haven't watched the movie and there should be enough info in for you to understand.
Jack Frost, just after becoming a guardian, loses his powers in a burn attack from one of Pitch's nightmares. Man in moon sends him to find the part of his power in a lock his sister has, yet when he finds his sister, she doesn't trust in him. Will he regain his power in time before the other guardians are harmed?

Sally Freizen felt that tug in her gut again as she stood in line too pay for her food. She could just continue standing there or else people would see what was happening to her. Immediately, she dropped her food and ran out of the line.

“Sorry.  Diarrhea!” She yelled, hoping her excuse would work enough to at least hold her spot in line as she pushed her way out of the crowd and into the bathroom where she ran into a stall and slammed the door shut. Then Sally just sat there on the lid of the closed toilet and waited for the feeling to go away.

Sally was 15 but not too tall for her age. She had soft brown hair that never seemed to grow any longer than down to her shoulders. She had dark brown eyes and peachy skin that was not too pale, but not too dark. She was currently cupping her face in her hands trying to block whatever was coming from coming. But it still came anyways. Slowly, but surely, little trails of frost started to crawl up from her neck and create little patterns on her cheeks. Sally love the sweet feeling of the cold sting of ice on her cheek, but right now, all she cared about was getting back to her food on time.

This had been the fifth time this week and it was really getting on her nerves. Whenever if came, it was as if something in her got turned on and frost would start growing on her body and on everything she touched. It never came too frequently so she could always fake it as some sickness and hide from everyone claiming she was sick. But the most annoying thing was that she couldn’t control it at all. She couldn’t tell it when to come or when not to come. She couldn’t tell it how long it should last. It was just there, like a pain in the butt.

So Sally sat there waiting for the frost to melt. The frost only seemed to melt when the tug left her. Then it would pour down her face and off her body like it had always been water and completely soak her through. Which was why she had to take her clothes off too and it was super awkward sitting in a bathroom stall in school with nothing on. It was what seemed like an eternity before the frost finally melted and she got her clothes back on. She ran out of the bathroom and went back to check to see if her food was still there. Oh course, no surprise, it was gone. Sally sighed. Looks like she would have to wait in line all over again to get more food. Sally stood in line annoyed and upset. She really wished she could do something about it. 

The End

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