Chapter 3Mature

We arrived at my block a half hour later. I told the driver to park in my drive as I got the money. He obliged and his mouth hung open slightly at the house. It was the house I shared with my gir—ex girlfriend. This would be awkward, I said to myself, jogging lightly up the steps to the front door. Crap, where were my keys? I checked all seven of my pockets: nothing. I came to thinking if I ever saw Jack again, I’d kill him.
               It came to be that I had to ring my own doorbell, just hoping Sophie was home. After a few seconds I realised that she would be able to see me through the peephole and decide not to let me in. I decided not to let her know, and put my thumb over the small glass circle.
               Somehow I imagined her walking carefully down the marble stairs after just coming out the shower, ringing her hair to dry it slightly with a white towel wrapped around her skinny body. I smiled stupidly. She would come back to me, I hoped and thought. She would. No... She will come back to me.
               She opened the door cautiously. Sophie stared at me for a moment as I stood there sheepishly. It looked as if she didn’t know what to feel. We had only broken up the night before, just before I had gone to the bar.
               “Oh... Foster... Hello. Where were you last night?” I looked her up and down, her skirt swayed as she laid a hand on her hip judgingly. Sophie raised her eyebrows when I didn’t reply.
               “Sorry, I was just... out drinking. I met someone and we just had a laugh.” I knew there was no point lying to her, but it didn’t mean I had to tell all the truth straight away.
               “Someone? A girl?”
               I walked past her into the kitchen and I heard her soft footsteps on the wood following me.
               “No. A guy. No, I’m not gay, you know that.” I chuckled awkwardly as I fumbled, looking for money.
               “What did you do with this... guy?” She leant against the counter and tucked her dark hair behind her ears.
               “We talked. I told him how I broke up with someone. And how that someone was the most amazing person I had ever met and was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I told him I was an idiot for losing her.” I said, almost casually. I had avoided looking directly at her as I spoke, but hearing a sharp intake of breath, I wanted to know what that meant.
               “Oh, Foster. This isn’t like the movies. You don’t know what you said last night, do you? You were drunk. Don’t lie, you’re hung-over.” She smiled slightly then walked to the other side of the room. But I could tell she was still staring at me with narrowed eyes. Silence took over the room for a few moments as I still searched.
               Finally, I found money.
               “What are you doing with that?” Sophie said as I began to start out the room.
               “Giving it to the taxi driver, I ended up the other side of town with the guy I mentioned... and I left my wallet at his house.” I lied. I thought it had been an unsuccessful lie, but Sophie didn’t want to know the truth, so left it at that.
               “It’s not your money. It’s ours. But I will let you pay him.” She waved a hand carelessly and I frowned slightly but picked up the pace to give the money to the bored driver who was still outside.
               The sun had come out properly now and it felt good on my back. That's a point... Hadn’t Sophie wondered where my shirt was? I shrugged to myself and handed the money to the driver, who nodded and left.
               “Wait... how did you manage to leave your wallet at this guy’s house? You never leave anything behind.” Sophie had followed me outside so now I was at the bottom of the steps and her at the top. She folded her arms.
               “I don’t know... I just did.” My headache was back again but I wasn’t about to show it.
               “Did you leave your shirt there too?”
               I looked down, already knowing full well I was bare chest. I thought about my response for a moment, but Sophie didn’t give me a chance to lie.
               “Oh and by the way, your friend dropped this off for you.” She turned and went inside, I was at her heels.
               Jack couldn’t have come here, could he?

The End

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