Chapter 2Mature

Hours later saw me lying face down on the floor of a girl’s apartment. I stirred quietly as she walked around me, eyeing me with a smile. My eyes opened a crack and her blonde hair flashed the sun into them. I closed them tightly, then opened slowly.
               “Hey, sleepy head.” The girl giggled lightly and bent down to look me in the eyes. I groaned and she laughed louder. She then took me by the upper arm to drag me so I could sit on the purple carpet.
               “Ugh, what happened?” I rubbed my head, trying to remember what had happened. The girl giggled girlishly again and sat down, cross legged, opposite me. She was wearing a short skirt and didn’t even try to cover herself up.
               “You got so drunk last night, don’t you even remember my name?” She didn’t stop smiling but put her hand on my leg, which I know realised was bare. I checked my whole body; I only had boxers on.
               “Sorry, I don’t normally get drunk, it’s just this friend of mine...” I trailed off. Where was Jack? I looked around the brightly lit apartment for any trace he was there too. No such luck.
               “Well, let me introduce myself... again. I’m Jessica, ring any bells?” Her laugh was getting annoying now. I continued to rub my head, which was throbbing profusely.
               “Erm... no. I’m sorry, Jessica. I need to go.” I stood quickly and moaned.
               “Hey, Jack, its okay.” She patted me on the shoulder. How could I have ended up with her? She really wasn’t my type. She flicked her dyed blonde hair out of her face and I could see she was a girl who did care what they looked like. Not that that isn’t good. Too much makeup can ruin a person, I was right too, especially in this case. Suddenly it hit me what she had said.
               “I... I...” I stammered. Had I told her my name was Jack? “I need to go.” I repeated and glanced around for any trace of my clothes. I had already decided if they weren’t immediately in front of me, I didn’t want them back. I saw my trousers hanging over the back of a white leather sofa, so I grabbed them and made to leave.
               “Well, Jessica, thank you for last night... I’m sure I had fun. Bye.” I gave her a quick smile as I pulled up my trousers and started looking for my shoes. I found them across the room from the door, as if I had kicked them off. I shook it off and shoved them on my bare feet, not bothering to look for socks.
               “Are you sure you want to go?” Jessica was still smiling.
               “I’m sure, thanks. Sorry, I shouldn’t’ve come here.”
               She giggled again and my headache got slightly worse. I heaved the door open and ran out into the hall. She was apartment 1c, which probably meant she was on the ground floor.
               I found the door easily and stepped out into the rain. I stared up and down the street. I had no recollection of where I was. I had never been here before. Stretching, I searched for a signpost. I didn’t bother putting my arms over my head as I would get wet from the showers anyway.

A taxi drove by after I had given up looking for any sign of where I could be, so I held out my arm at which he stopped. I got in the backseat and shook my head vigorously.
               “Where are you going to, kid?” The gruff voice from the driver shocked me. I had forgotten to tell him where to go. I felt like smacking myself in the face to wake myself up, but I knew the sound would only awaken my headache to its peak again, and I didn’t want to risk it, as it had just died down for the moment. I looked to the roof of the small cab as I was wondering why the rain wasn’t affecting my head. Realising there wasn’t a skylight; I turned my head to the window. The rain had stopped and the road was glittering with wet.
               “Oh, sorry,” my mind flashed back to the now fed-up driver and I told him my address. He nodded, his eyes now shining.
               “It’s going to cost you.” He said as we pulled out into the almost abandoned road. Shit. Where was my wallet?
               “How much? And would it be okay if I paid you after we get there? I have money in my house.” I said quietly, holding my head in my hands and calculating how much money I would probably find in the first few minutes of arriving home.
               “Around thirty bucks, mate. Sure, I guess that's fine, but don’t think about leaving without paying.” He glared a little at me in the mirror. I nodded and sat back in the leather seat.

The End

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