The man sitting next to me in the bar was very obviously drunk. He seemed to be talking in slur to himself and was downing beer fast. I stared at the beer which had dribbled down his front onto his grubby tshirt. He called the bartender over and asked for another. I wrinkled my nose as he tipped it over himself with his mouth open. I shuffled away from him on the stood I was sitting on, determined to not converse with this balding man.
               “’Ey, no, I don’t have any money but... but I can pay.” The bartender had asked for money and the man had obviously not been able to pay at that moment. The man reached forward to take the glass back from the bartender.
               “Get out of here unless you can pay now.” He said, glaring at the man as he checked his pockets for coins. Then the drunk man looked around the dimly lit bar.
               “Hey, you got money?” I shut my eyes tight, hoping I was imagining him asking me that. I opened them and turned my head slowly.
               “Well...” I said quietly.
               “Can I have some?” The man interrupted me with words that ran together too fast.
               “I don’t think so, mate. You look like you’ve had enough.” I didn’t look him in the eyes; I knew I’d have to give him the money if I looked at him. I can’t stand when people give me puppy-dog faces.
               “Aw, come on mate, please?” His eyebrows furrowed as he whined.
               “I’m not your “mate”.” I said, impersonating his drivel. I felt like smiling but I knew I wouldn’t be able to without him seeing.
               “Aw,” he whined again, “I’ma introduce me then. I’m... Jack, yeah, Jack.” Jack seemed uncertain but held out his hand, smiling, for me to shake.
               “Okay, Jack. I’m Foster. Nice to meet you.” I lied and shook his hand as lightly as possible. Jack’s eyebrows looked confused for a moment.
               “Foster? Weird name, mate.” He shook his head and laughed heartily. After letting go of my hand, he immediately wiped his hand on his tshirt. This time it was my turn to look puzzled. Surely I should be the one wiping my hand on my polo shirt.
               “Hey, you know, we both like, have the names of alcohol? Like, I’m Jack Daniels, and you’re Fosters. You know?” Jack looked like he was sobering up slightly, his words were at least a little clearer.
               “Yeah, I guess so.” I took a long drink of my own beer.
               “So, you going to buy me a drink?”
               I sighed heavily and looked into his brown eyes. 
               “Fine. How much do you need?” I got out my wallet, at which Jack’s eyes grew considerably bigger.
               “However much you can spare.” He held out his hands like a beggar. I opened my leather wallet and peered in, feeling Jacks eyes burning into it. I found a five pound note and sighed.
               “Here. Take it.” I passed it to him and he immediately ordered another beer for himself. The bartender took the money and gave me a disapproving look.
               “Thanks, man. Really appreciate it.” Jack smiled at me; it looked as if he could get drunk in a matter of seconds.
               “No problem, I think I’d better be going. Goodbye Jack.” I stood up but Jack stopped me.
               “Hey, Foster, stop. Don’t leave me all alone. Why did you come here alone anyway?” He pulled sleeve of my shirt so I was forced to sit back down on the stool. I sighed, thinking I’d might as well tell him.
               “Well, Jack, my life has fallen to shit. My girlfriend broke up with me, I lost my job as I wouldn’t pay attention as I was thinking about her... So, I decided to try and get drunk, but its never been my speciality.” I trailed, taking a long swig of the beer in front of me. Jack nodded.
               “I see. Did you really mean girlfriend?” I gave him a look that I hoped said “I’m not gay”, I don’t think it worked. I scoffed.
               “How about you? Why are you here?” I asked, putting a hand around the cold glass.
               “I don’t know, I like getting drunk,” Jack shrugged then gave a small giggle, “I could help you, if you want.”

The End

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