Ivy Garson: Dragon Enchanter

Ivy Garson, our hero, comes from a small village in the middle of the Rocky Mountains where they breed Dragon Enchanters. She, one of the Dragon Enchanters, decides to leave the village and attend a boarding school where no one knows her secret. She finds love, friendship, and a secret passage where terrible things happen. Can she and Burns, her trusty mini dragon, stop it? Maybe.

I walked forward warily. Down the halls and through the building until I found the door I was looking for. The Dean of Admissions. I stopped, looked up at the door, and quickly started walking in the other direction. 'No, stop,' I thought as I tried to calm myself, 'You can do this. This is a piece of cake compared to your usual life.' Hmm, sad. I can't lie to myself as effectively as others.

I braced my shoulders and knocked on the door smartly. I flinched as the echo resounded through the empty halls of the school. "Come in," a gruff voice called from inside and I didn't hesitate as I opened the door and faced the holder of my future.

I didn't like that thought. The thought that someone else held my future in their hands. I liked to control what happened without leaning on others but there was no way I could do that now. The person in front of me was the only one who could shape my future at this moment and it was making me feel a little nauseous.

He was old, balding, and fat. His face almost reminded me of a bulldog's. This thought made me smile unwillingly and he grinned in response. Maybe this wouldn't be too hard. His eyes were kind and his smile seemed genuine. There was a gleam in his eyes that reminded me of the little boys in the village. They almost seemed to foretell some kind of mischief and it made me relax to see it.

"So, Miss Garson, is it?" I nodded and he glanced down at a file in his hands. It must've been the letter my village elder had sent in, commending me for the school. I still hadn't looked at the letter's contents: I had been too scared to when I had mailed it. "I see that you can sing." Once again, I just nodded. My earlier feeling of relaxation had dissipated into a paralyzing fear. "Sing something for me."

"Actually, I don't feel like singing at the moment and probably won't for a while," my chin was up in the air and I'm sure my eyes blazed. For a second, I forgot who I was talking to. No one bossed Ivy Garson around. No one. Of course, I remembered right away who I was talking to and flushed. "Uhm, what I meant to say was-"

"No, no. No need to explain." His eyes gleamed again and I could sense that somewhere in that letter something was said about my sharp tongue. I turned thrity different shades of red. "Cold, right?" I resorted back to nodding. Nodding was safe. It didn't give you a chance to open your fat mouth and screw up. "Your academics seem standard though an unorthodox method." I had been taught by our medicine woman. She was a genius. "And you have no end of references."

I sat dumbly in my chair as he went on. I knew what was coming, anyways. There was no chance I'd get into a boarding school such as the one I was at without money, the top-notch schooling, and money. I would need a miracle. I was almost happy thinking I'd get to go back to the village. Back to the dragons I sang to every night. Back to lessons with the medicine woman about how to call them with my voice. How to tame them, feed them, and eventually ride them. If I attended a, well, normal school than only Burns would get to stay with me. And no one would be able to visit my room.

"I happen to be old friends with your village chief, coming from your village myself. Oh, yes," he smirked at my expression: dumbstruck. "I know all about you, too. And hope to hear satisfactory remarks from your teachers." Wait, did that mean? "Welcome to Cranbrook."

The End

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