Present Time


     “Sir?”  Said a young man standing outside Calvin Goodman’s office. 

     “What the hell is wrong now?”  Said Goodman, slowly looking up from a few documents.

     “Sir, you now Jake Ives?  Well they can’t exactly find his body in the wreckage of the car chase . . . Sir.”  The kid said.

     Goodman stared at him for a good long minute, his face slowly distorting into anger.  What do you mean, you can’t find his body?”  He shouted.

     “Exactly that, Sir.  Ives is still alive.”   

     Goodman paused for a long moment, debating on what to do.  He was head of the Extraterrestrial branch, code named U44.

     “I want him in the front page of ever news paper, magazine, news-broadcast, and radio.  I want everyone to get a good look at him.  Tell ‘em he’s had a complete mental brake down, totally crazy and blood thirsty.”


The End

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