6 Days Earlier


     Jake slowly opened his eyes.  He was tired like nothing before.  He’d gone days without sleeping and still managed to complete his missions, but now, it was unthinkable.  For anyone else, they would have been out cold.

     He was in some kind of square room, the walls a puke green.  In the center of the room was a wooden platform with a silver looking mattress on top of it, but as he lay on it, it was more comfortable than anything else he’d ever felt.  Some tubes ran in and out of his nose, and one from the bottom of each foot, under his arms, and directly from his heart.  In the back round there was a buzzing sound the seemed to be buzzing to no pattern or rhyme.  It was creeping Ives out probably more than anything.  It all seemed foreign or alien. 

     A few drops of some kind of liquid fell from the ceiling, but just before they landed on him, they seemed to evaporate into nothing, like there was some kind of boundary around him. 

     He sat there for more than 2 hours, drifting in and out of sleep, but always waking back up to a change in the sound buzzing.  Sometimes it sounded more like a bee, but other maybe like the flutter of wings.

     “Hello?”  He called out.  “Where am I?” 

      Suddenly the buzzing stopped, and the sound of his own voice came out.  “Hello?  Where am I?”  But sounded slightly rustic with lots of echo.

      Then he got it.  The thing was trying to communicate with him. 

      Well what do I do know?  Do I try to communicate with it back?   He thought, but decided he didn’t have much of a choice.  He pointed at himself.  “Ives!”  He said.

      Suddenly something seemed to grow out of the wall, slightly resembling a hand, and pointed at him with the thumb.  “Ives?”  It Questioned.

      He reassured whatever this thing was.  “You?”  He asked, pointing at the hand, which suddenly recoiled back into the wall.

     “You?”  He said again. 

     There was a long pause, and then came: “Me---” And then paused, speaking its name which sounded like someone gurgling water.

     Well at least this thing seems to catch on fast . . . let’s try something new, he said to himself.  “Me,” he pointed to himself.  “From . . . Earth.”  He said.

     “Earth?”  The thing questioned. 

      “Me from Earth.”  He said, but couldn’t think of a hand motion to go with “From.”

     “Me . . . from . . . Bzzalrelalz.”  The thing said.

      They continued like this for some time, possibly a few days.  Jake had no way of knowing.  Eventually, with much difficulty, the thing had a good understanding of a basic form of English which left out words like “and,” or “The,” and instead just moving on to the next word.

     “We have information give you, Ives.”  The thing said to him.

     “What information?”  Jake asked.

     “2 years 3 months 4 days before now, we make arrangement with USA Government.”  The thing said, and Jakes jaw dropped.  “We give we best weaponry, paid for in human lives for testing.”

     “Wait, wait, wait . . . what?  Jake said, astounded.

     “You wish we repeat?”  The alien said.

     Jake paused for a long moment, completely amazed.  “No, but why are you telling me this?”

     “Are?”  This was a new word for the thing.

     “Never mind, just why tell me this?”

     “It is to our understanding that you be in high place under government rule.  Correct?”

     “Well . . . yes, I guess.”  Jake Ives was the government’s most highly trusted government field worker, an agent who could work in any branch, but that didn’t necessarily mean he had any say in the matter.

     “We want know if your government will hold out on the offer.  We will also pick up four other people, Richard, Samuel and Michael, ask them same question.”

     Jake Ives was dumb struck for well over a minute, but the Aliens were patient.  Finally he spoke.  “I . . . I don’t know.”  He said, staring into space in deep thought.

      “That is all.”  Said the voice, and suddenly a patch of skin was ripped of his arm, and blood started to fill from his heart into a vile for the aliens to test.  Then he was back asleep.

The End

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