8 Days Earlier


     Jake Ives walked down the busy streets of Manhattan, New York City, completely alert yet not showing it.  His peripheral vision scanning over everything to make sure there was no danger.  He decided to turn right down a back ally, moving out of the crowd and speeding cars into almost total darkness.  He checked the area, making sure it was clear.  There was absolutely nothing there, even his highly trained ears couldn’t pick up on the sound of breathing or heart pumping. 

      As he walked forward, he suddenly felt something secure his arm.  He looked, but there was nothing on his arm.  He jumped away, but something held his arms in place.

     What the HELL is this?  He asked himself.  There was nothing he couldn’t pick up on.  Impossible, after his 20 years of extreme trainer from age five, giving him nearly super strength and perception, but here he was.

     He pulled his knife out of his instantly and threw it at the invisible thing.  It hit it directly, releasing his arm.  He turned, running at the side of the ally wall and jumped, reaching the ledge of a window seal, pulling himself up.  He jumped backwards off of that to reach the opposite wall, and vise-versa until he was at the top. 

     This was scaring the hell out of him, running from something he couldn’t see, and not knowing if he was possibly running toward it.  Suddenly, directly in front of his face was a needle, seemingly floating directly in front of his face.  It lunged at him, and he ducked, the needle moving directly over him.  Then it came again, and he caught it in between his palms, careful not to touch the point.  It tried to press in between his hands, pushing towards his chest. 

     Suddenly something gripped both his hands, pulling his hands apart despite his extreme strength, and the needle went into his chest directly at his heart.

      He did not scream, as most would.  He stood there, looking at his chest, seeing the needle wriggle its way into his body and not leaving.  He felt his arms getting heavy, and his knees buckled.  He was standing reasonably close to the edge of the building, and he started to slide off the edge, but something caught him, not letting him fall.

     Well at least they don’t want to kill me . . . where his last thoughts before drifting into oblivion.

The End

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