Yeah, yeah, I know that the "traiter!" story, where one guy is framed for something and runs away from everyone is somewhat used, but this story has an interesting, unusual twist, and hopefully makes all that much better . . .



     Jake drifted around the corner onto the crowded highway-viaduct, stopping perfectly at the right time and not over drift as some of the cop cars chasing him did, then needing to drift the other way to make up for it.  His hands were in hand-cuffs, and gave him just enough space to grave the wheel.   He whipped through the cars expertly, the other cars following him falling behind quickly.

      Jake looked in the rear-view mirror of his Porsche Serrara-S---645HP, 0-60 2.4 second, 350 MPH car---and saw 2 cop cars and 3 black muscle cars following him, other cars swerving out of the way.

     Up ahead was a road block, hundreds of cop cars parked sideways there with Police holding guns behind the open doors, bullets speeding at him, but nun of them penetrating his bullet proof wind shield. 

     Jake sped toward them, hand on the emergency brake, and just as he got within meters he swerved left and pulled the brake.  He did a perfect 180 and suddenly started back, driving back from the direction he’d come, quickly reaching 80.

     The other cars chasing him had to suddenly swerve to miss hitting him, also running into others cars on the highway, creating a major traffic jam. 

     Up ahead he saw more cars, heading in his direction, and it slowed him down to much driving against traffic.  To his right was a drop off of the viaduct, dropping 20 feet down to a sloped freeway with fewer cars than the one he was currently on.

     He didn’t like the idea of dropping off, but cars were coming from every angle and catching up with him.  He pushed the throttle, pedal to the metal, and sped toward the edge, only pulling the emergency brake at the last second.  The car swerved sideways, slowing down enough for Jake to jump out his side door.  He landed on the ground and rolled on the ground a few times before staying on his stomach and sliding off the edge in the gap of railing that his car made falling off the edge into traffic.  He held onto the ledge with his fingertips, holding on just barely enough not to fall onto the freeway below into oncoming traffic.

     Of course this all happened with in a small fraction of a second, and his chasers had no chance of picking up on it, assuming he went down with the car.  None of them had any knowledge of him dropping and landing on a large cement truck that had stopped to avoid his car, throw out the driver, and drive on out of site.


     Richard Fischer:  chief of police, supposed live meeting on air with the public a day from when he was found dead.  Eliminated.


     Samuel Johnston:  Scientist, found dead speeding in a highway tunnel in a street race.  Eliminated.


     Michael Farmer:  representative of Ohio.  Found dead because of a supposed Drug Overdose.  Eliminated.


Ext. Ext. The list goes on.


     Jake Ives:  most trusted United States fieldworker for Secret-Service, CIA and other Special Ops mission fields.  Found dead (not publicly announced) in street accident when he killed 4 other US agents due to mental breakdown.  Eliminated.

The End

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