I've got to get it off my chest...

I have done some things in my life that I'm not proud of, and I need to get rid of them, but they were far too fun to not form a story at the end of it all. ;)

It was a Monday night. Monday. I do love my life, I'm not limited by the Saturday to Sunday routine that haunts most people. You see reader, once you dip your toe in, everyday is a weekend, every night a party and every action has an excuse.

"Goodnight Munchy baby!"

"Goodnight Izzykins! Sorry I couldn't come with you tonight, it's just I have to go to my Nan's so I can't... You know..."

I gleefully told him that was fine, I was secretly glad that the leech wouldn't be tagging along. I couldn't wait to finish the circuit of hugs and slobbery kisses on the cheek.

"Night Tammy! Night Nate! Love you too Buttons! See ya' tomorrow Ducky!"

I tried to hurry through their love. In the day time I was someone very different to the author of this story. Lately even as early as half 7 in the evening I could feel the transformation taking hold.

"Hey you know I should probably get going too, I'll walk with you for a bit yeah?"

Simon got a stern look from me. Too blatent! Don't even mention me until we're gone! If you keep talking like that you might as well bend me over the pool table now, plus I have to call Cheese, and I can't do that with your dumpy Girlfriend traipsing along after me can I?

"Yeah sure no worries!"

"Cool, and we can drop Lizzy off at the bus station en route?"

Fucking marvelous.

After the other two had completed Their own circuit of friendly farewells I was free. It felt really good to step out of that crowded Pool club. In the day I needed those people. Close friends, the kind that were somehow always there whether you wanted them or not. Always good to lend a fag, always good to borrow one.

Simon and Lizzy left shortly after I did, holding hands and linking arms. I was never jealous of her, I swear to you reader! I felt sorry for the girl that would never touch a cigarette or drink a drop. Then again she was so in love and so happy that she didn't need to! All she needed was her true and faithful boyfriend and her random friends and her crazy personality. So no, I was never jealous of her. She'd be jilted one day too, and then she'd be looking at herself two years ago. She'd be wishing that the little girl would just piss off aswell.

I wanted to stand in front of her and scream. "Run away! Please! Please go home to your Daddy and don't you open that door for anyone in the world! Don't let him do it to you! Don't come out with us at night, you're not safe here!"

I wanted to warn her, but I don't know why. Would I have changed anything if I'd been warned? The thought breaks me. I'd be terrfied by exam pressure right now, sat at home alone. I'd probably still have perfect lung capacity. Maybe my skin would be less gaunt. But I like my skin as it is, gaunt suits me, I look good pale. I'm also thin now, and as any girl who was the fat kid in school will tell you reader, It's nice. My clothes hang well, as Simon's backward glances kept telling me. Lizzy was still in her school uniform. Still plump, still rosy. I have decided not to warn her.

"Well this is my bus! Goodnight Si, I love you!" She kissed him sweetly, for half a second.

"Love you too!" His reply was less than genuine. I knew him well enough by now to see that.

"Night Izzy, see you tomorrow!" She jumped to hug me and I held her for a moment. She felt warmer in the spring night than I did somehow.

"Buh-bye sweetness, see ya!"

We waited until the bus was out of view before walking back towards the town. We didn't talk much. We didn't need to really, it was one of those beautiful evenings when words weren't welcome. I didn't need to ask before ringing Cheese.

"Hey, who is this?"

"Heya Beans, is Cheese there? It's Iz, I'm looking for a score?"

"...Heya? Who there?"

"Heya Cheese, it's Iz, are you in town? I'm after a score?"

"Just outside of it Sugar, can you pick up from Springfield?"

"Of course, whereabouts you at?"

"In a restaurant with the Fam, the harvester?"

"I know it! I'll be there soon. Dhanyabad!"

"Kichhu mone koro na."

The End

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