I've Got A SecretMature

A Jacob Black Fanfiction

The first day at a new school; Some people are scared. Me, I was just a little irritated. I could barely find my way around the school. The people looked at me like I had some kind of disease. I mean, seriously, do I really look different?

‘Don’t worry about them. They were like that with me, too.” Dana told me. “They’re just not used to new people so much.”

“Well if I wouldn’t have gotten kicked out, we’d all be happy.” I mumbled.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering What the hell is she talking about? I guess I could start at the introductions.

The name’s Christina, friends call me Chris. I just moved to La Push, Washington from Orange County, California. I used to live with my dad until I got into more trouble than I could handle and kicked me out and moved me to my mom’s place. I’m only 17 so I have no say in the matter, according to my parents.

It’s lunch time right now at my new school. [I] Great.[/I] I went to the cafeteria with my only two friends in this whole place; Dana and her boyfriend/ my brother, Collin. I got a bag of chips and a water and went to find the table they were sitting at.

When I found them, they were with this group of people. The guys were pretty bulky and the three girls were more normal than some of the girls who looked pretty much anorexic. One of the girls looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey, you’re Christina, right? Collin’s sister.” She asked.

“Yup that me.” I smiled back.

“Leah Clearwater.” I nodded and took a seat by her and Dana. I looked around the table and there seemed to be an open chair between two guys.

The guy on the left was a pretty average guy. He had long brown hair pulled back and had these beautiful brown eyes. The other one was almost the same way only his eyes had more of a yellow tint to them.

I heard someone call my name and it brought me out of my starting. I looked up and Collin was laughing.

“Chris, these are the guys I was telling you about. This is Seth Clearwater.”

He pointed at someone next to him. He had long brown hair too and a huge smile on his face. I nodded at him as I took a chip out of the bag.

“This is the main honcho, Sam Uley.” He chuckled and pointed to the first guy I saw. He nodded at me and I smiled at him.

“Quil Ateara and Embry Call.” I nodded at them and they smiled at me.

I finished up my lunch and went to throw away my bag. As I started walking back, I heard the roar of a motorcycle. I looked over at the group and they started chuckling.

“Jacob’s finally here.” Collin chuckled as he turned in his chair.

The door opened and all I could see was this tall guy with black hair and brown eyes. He nodded to Sam and sat next to him.

“Thought you weren’t coming today, Jake.” Seth said as I sat down.

“Had to take dad over to Charlie Swan’s place. Sorry I didn’t call, mom.” He smiled, showing perfect pearly whites.

“Hey Jake, Bella come back yet?” Collin smirked. Everyone went quiet and looked at Jake.

“You know that’s none of my business anymore, Collin.” Jacob snarled and then looked around until he met my eyes. His eyes widened and he wouldn’t stop staring at me.

“Jake, this is Christina, Collin’s twin sister.” Sam said when he noticed that we were staring at each other.

We looked at each other and then we both looked away at the same time. What the hell is his deal? Embry nudged him and Jacob snapped out of it.

“Great. Just what we need. Another Collin.” Jake mumbled as the bell rang.

I decided not to even bother so I stood up and started for my locker. I had Honors History so I figured I didn’t know anyone there. Boy, was I wrong. I walked in and I saw Embry and Seth sitting on some desks talking. Embry was the first one to notice me.

“Whoa! You have Honors classes? You’re prettier and smarter than your brother.” Embry laughed as I took a seat in the back.

“I always have been smarter than him.” I smiled at them as the teacher walked in.

“Afternoon you guys.” He said as he set his stuff on his desk.

“Hey Smitty! We got a new girl here!” Seth laughed as he and Embry took some seats next to me.

“Oh yea! You’re Collin Spurs sister, right?” He smiled and he motioned me up to the front. “You look just like your brother, you know that.”

I got up and as I went to the go up the isle to the desk, I pushed Seth. He chuckled and threw and paper ball at me. I heard murmurs from the rest of the class but I chose to ignore them. I’ve been used to people talking about me for so long, it really didn’t matter.

The End

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