I've been here before

After a long walk to the park, I knew that I was past my curfew that night, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen this house before. Everything from the reddish-orange bricks falling off of the roof to the cracked concrete pathway seemed to have some meaning that I couldn’t quite place. I had always walked to the park a particular way, but the one night I took a detour immediately changed everything.

It was a strange feeling, especially because I had never been in that part of the neighborhood before. I thought that my parents would get mad at me if I was late, but then reasoned with myself that I wouldn’t be there long. My feet agreed with my other self and carried me up to the door.

The moment that I stepped into the house, I had an ominous feeling that I was being watched. A cool wind breathed through the house, sending chills down my spine. It felt as if it was saying to me, “You should not have come.” My curiosity overcame me and led me further into the house, disregarding the warnings.

The old wooden floor creaked under my feet as I walked deeper into the house. The door slammed shut behind me, but the chilled air remained. I looked around the dark house, sensing another presence, so I called out, “Hello? Is anybody there?”

I got no vocal response, but I heard heavy, deep breathing coming from upstairs. I listened for another sound, nervous, and the breathing continued. I crept to the stairs, my heart pounding in my chest, and began the ascent.

The higher I climbed, the more scared I became. I suddenly wished there was a light on, and I could barely see my feet below me as I tried not to trip on the stairs. It felt like I was going to fall through the weak wood when finally, I reached the top step. I began questioning myself, if I was really ready to continue, but my feet clearly thought I was, so I found myself walking to a door.

The door was closed, and appeared to have been that way for a very long time. There were multiple bullet holes in the door, stopping my breath for an instant, and I wondered what had happened, although a part of my mind seemed to be trying to remember. I winked through one of holes to see inside, and it seemed like a typical young girl’s room.

I had just turned to walk away when the door screeched open. My feet got the better of me and led me inside. There were little red spots on the floor, and my first thought was blood, but it was hard to make out other things in the room due to the darkness. I couldn’t get past how familiar it seemed to me, and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the obscurity.

I couldn’t see where I was walking, so I tripped as I walked in. Next to my feet, I found a little doll with an eerie smile on her face. One eye was closed, and the curly blonde hair on the right side of her face seemed longer than the left. The bed was made up nicely, and I used it to help myself up. I found a clock on the nightstand next to the bed, its red numbers blinking and flashing 12:00 at me.

I walked over to the edge of the room, where a wide open window sat. I looked outside, a sudden fear of heights overcoming me and the chill of the night sending a shudder through my body. I gazed into the night, and then, all of a sudden, two large hands dug into my shoulders. I was about to turn around and see who or what was behind me, but the next feeling I had was a long falling feeling. A wicked cackle pierced the air as I tumbled to the ground. I couldn’t help but think of how familiar the laugh was as the tremendous pain of hitting the ground resonated through my body. I heard a sickening crunch, followed by my scream of agony, and everything went black with the malicious laughter echoing in my ears.

The End

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