The Storm and a letter



That night I had a different dream. A fairy godmother or a queen, I didn't know but there was a kind look in her eyes and I noticed sparkles in them. I was at the secret lake, alone, sitting under the oak tree, where I usually sat with Daniel. She neither noticed me nor spoke a word.

Hi,” I said hesitantly. I wanted to ask her how she knew about the lake as no one ever came to the lake while we were there.

Um, are you a new visitor?” I asked. She smiled but didn’t reply. Her smile increased her beauty and she looked much younger. She gave me a scroll, placed her hand on my shoulder and gave an intense look. I glanced at the scroll, “How do you know this place? What is this?” I asked looking up, but she was already gone.

It was dark again and I found myself in the forest with the scroll in my hand. I saw the same big wolf, crouched; ready to leap at any moment. I flinched and my feet wobbled as I stepped back. The creature growled showing its sharp teeth it almost pounced me but I woke up screaming.


Just another dream,” I said convincing myself and I felt something under my hand. I was surprised to see the scroll beside me - the one I saw in the dream.

Now, that was really something unexpected. I opened the scroll, hesitantly. The inscription was quite elegant, hand written in block letters just like Daniels letter. I gave a quick reading once and nothing went into my head. I tried to remember the face of the woman I saw in the dream. If that was just a dream then who left this scroll?

I looked around once again. The door and the windows were properly closed; there was no chance of anyone to enter without a making noise. Well there is no point looking as the person who left the scroll is already gone. I thought and reread the scroll, a little louder and slower this time:

Here the warrior comes with a shield and a bait

Lo! The kisses of death awaits

Watch! Lest you go astray

Find the weapon and save your day

Miss not your timing; count your heart beats

Beware! When the time completes

The time will stay still - you may fall

or it could be the final call

if only the humble heart can see the truth hidden

the bait offers itself to the love, when forbidden

I read and reread the scroll at least twenty times- shield bait kisses of death love when forbidden these words made no sense to me.

My mind was clouded for a moment then suddenly everything was so clear and exciting. It was like my deepest darkest wish has come true. I read the scroll again and held it close to my heart. I was going to be a part of an adventure!


Next day morning - the breakfast was quicker than usual.

Are you alright honey?” asked mum.

Perfect Mum, just in hurry, bye,” I said. I felt mums eyes behind me as I left.

Daniel was waiting for me outside school and he too looked thrilled.

We greeted each other. “I think its fake - you know the legend and stuff?”

 I didn’t expect the reason for his excitement will be opposite to mine. “I-I dont think so,” I passed him the scroll.

He read and glared at me, his eyes and mouth wide open. I lifted his chin up, waiting for his response.

Dont give me that I told you so look, Ivy. I dont want to believe such things. And you know that,” he said firmly.

You believe in my dreams. Dan, Im glad to know that the fairy tales and the stories we read are true.” I narrated my dream and told about the book.

Your dreams are different.”

May be,” I shrugged ignoring his angry look. “And you must see the book after school.”

Why are you not getting dreams about these unnatural things?” he asked anxiously. “Why do you always see the wolf in your dream?”

I used to be annoyed when Dan asked that question. “I dont know Dan. I really dont know why - all I know something exciting will happen. Something - magical.”


The End

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