Ivana and the secret lake adventures

Ivana, can foresee the future, believes 'Virtuous are always rewarded and Vicious are punished' as it happens in every story. She is an unusual teenage girl who pretends to be normal and believes in invisible magical kingdoms. Only Daniel knows her secrets and her gift, which according to Ivana is a curse.
Their adventure begins from their very own secret lake hidden from everyone else on the island which they discover later.
The story begins whe


I saw and dreamt of things that most people would laugh at or fear.

Every story I heard or read; every magical world that was ever mentioned, I knew existed but was invisible.

No one would have believed me if had spoken of what I knew. No one, until I discovered another magical world.

I discovered love - a different kind of love that no one else knew of. One which could bind the natural and the supernatural together. A love that could challenge us to do things we could never have dreamt of.












1.                  I FOUND MAGIC


I stood still a moment in the darkness, rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out where I was. What is this place? How did I come here?’ I wanted to run away but my feet didn’t move. I gulped and took a few deep breaths controlling myself, becoming painfully aware of the dryness in my throat.

The wind whipped fitfully and somewhere over head came the ghostly sound of the tree limbs as they grated against one another. Gradually my eyes adjusted to the dark, showing me that I was near a lake.

I heard footsteps, as if someone was walking on the dry leaves. I held my breath, terrified. Then I saw them. Two bright shining eyes, definitely an animal. I heard it growl as it approached me. It's eyes glowed like onyx. It leapt.

I heard someone scream, then realised it was me.


I gasped and woke up. For the last nine years, I had had this same dream. The wolf, the dark forest and then waking up screaming, covered in a cold sweat.

Apart from this terrifying dream, I was also trying to get used to the visions I got during the day. Sometimes I saw terrible things that were about to happen to others. When I was a little younger I used to tell my mum but she, being a doctor would not believe me. Even my brothers thought I was a freak. Dad thought I needed psychological treatment! So, I stopped sharing or saying anything to them. It left me upset most of the time as I knew people would be hurt and I, could not, do a thing to stop it.


As usual dad was busy and hardly ever at home. Dad technically owned the Island we lived on along with most of the business. He was kept extremely busy most days.   My mother, being a senior doctor, spent most part of her day at the hospital. My elder brothers Brian and Andrew were studying at University coming home, only occasionally. Brians American girl friend, Stephanie and Andrews Indian girl friend Rhea often spent their weekends with us.

I began to hope that this year would be different. Thinking and dreaming about the things which could possibly happen as usual I got ready for school.

Stan, why dont we go by the harbour road today?”

Won’t you be late for school, miss?”

No,” I said. Stan smiled at me through the rear mirror as the cars engine roared to life. I grinned back, “Thanks Stan. You are not telling them about this at home, are you?”

No, miss.”

As the sea breeze kissed my skin I realised how fortunate I was to be born on this tiny yet beautiful island. Cayton Island was known to be the most beautiful island in England, located nearly eight miles from the south coast of Hampshire. It was surrounded by the most amazing beaches. I recollected my childhood here. Especially, when I used to collect rare pebbles from the beach and treasure them as if they were diamonds.

Unlike my family I had never left the island. According to my aunt Iris we were fifty years behind the mainland.


I reached school and headed to the canteen, Dan was waiting for me. He stood up as soon as he saw me then smiled as he moved his light chestnut, messy hair away from his face. He was wearing the black t-shirt I had bought him on his last birthday, showing off his recently toned body. Until last year Dan was as tall as me but had grown three inches taller this summer, after he starting to work out along side Andrew, who was a fitness fanatic too.

Daniel Greengables was my best friend and neighbour since childhood. He was the only person who knew and believed in my visions.  He knew I sometimes saw things during the day.

He was nearly two years older than me. I never bothered to ask why he started school so late, fearing he would be embarrassed. I was glad we were close friends. Our families had a good relationship too and Brian even dated Dans sister Alex for a year before she left him for another boy. Sometime later Brian met Stephanie.

You’re late,” said Dan as he hauled me out of my thoughts.

I tucked my curly locks behind my ears and smiled sheepishly, “Just wanted to see the Island.”

You see it every day,” I raised my eyebrows; he shrugged and sighed, “Fine, I won’t ask and I know you just like to see the beach.”

Dan, have you finished the review of Shakespeares Tempest?” I asked ignoring his words.

Ah! Not yet, I’ll do it this evening, how about you? Can you give me some help?”

Alright, maybe you can come home after school,” I said as we headed towards the class as soon we heard the bell ring, “We have two more years before we finish this miserable school life.”

We shall then be counted as adults the responsible ones,” Dan made dramatic expression on his face and then laughed. “I wonder why you hate school so much.”

We already are the responsible ones and you are three days away from your birthday. You will be seventeen! A young man!” I teased.

“You haven’t answered me, Ivy?”

“I don’t know. I just like living in my dream I suppose…” I flinched as soon as the wolf and forest flashed before my eyes, “and the nightmares.”

“I wonder what will change you and you know; I dont think I’m going to change much, do you?”

Not much, except that youll have to start shaving,” I said laughing at my own joke.

Very amusing, I’ll never grow a moustache like my dad.”

Nice to know that,” I chortled. Dan laughed along with me. “Dan, you know - I feel this year will be very special - different.”

Have you seen anything?”

No, its just my feeling. Mr. Jones is going to conduct a surprise test today.”

Ah! You must have seen it.” I nodded in agreement. “And tonight we have to finish our English project or we will not receive our permit for the final exams.”


Would you mind explaining this to me?” asked Daniel as he read, “Be not afeard; the Island is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices. That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming, the clouds me thought would open and show riches ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I cried to dream again.”

You have read the play, havent you?”

Yes, Calibans explanation to Stephano and Trinculo, when he hears a mysterious music on the Island.”

Right, well though they are not so good people, I feel he talks about the incredible beauty of the Island and the depth of his attachment to it, he obviously does not know where the music comes from but enjoys the enchantment of it. They are drunk of course. Yet, its one of my favourite lines from the play.”

I read the play, alright; its actually Ariel who plays the music to distract those three drunken thugs. In reality - enchantment, magic, spells they are all myths, aren’t they?”

I dont believe they are just myths. Every story, myth or a legend is based on a truth. And this particular part makes me think of our Island.”

I am sorry, I forgot who I was talking to,” Dan giggled. “I believe in your visions as they’re scientifically proven but magic and other things are too hard to believe especially when you put it that way.”

Someday you will believe me,” I muttered.


Nothing. Let’s just finish this review,” I said crossly.

After completing the review and the other home work; we spent some time in the garden.

We talked about the old days, school and exams - Time passed very quickly and although we could have chatted forever Dans phone suddenly rang.

Oh, its mum.” He said. “But I can stay. I love listening to your stories.” At that moment I felt annoyed. Though Dan heard me all the time he thought I was a good story tEllier.

“They are NOT stories; I not only dreamt about them but I was there. Anyway I can’t make you believe unless you have scientific proofs. See you later, Dan,” I smiled half-hearted, “ Thank you for enjoying my fibs. You should go.”

“I am so-” I cut him in the middle. “Now.”

Okay. See you at school tomorrow,” he smiled back, “I do believe what you say – sometimes.”And before leaving he quickly kissed me on the cheek and ran towards his home, without turning back.

I bit my lip in a state of surprise.  I then slowly shook my head before returning to my room smiling widely. I realised things between Dan and I were about to change. My first thought was, am I ready?


Dan and I had a few very close friends. Matt, sturdy looking and full of fun; Connie, opposite to Matt, yet with good sense of humour; Rachel, tiny, good singer and full of dreams, wanted to become a model someday; Ellie, a stout looking girl and a food lover. Nelson, who was a nerd but had a solution for everything. We spent a lot of time together in and out of school.

Hey, Ivy, want to go to the beach this Saturday?” asked Matt.

Sorry have to go out - you guys carry on without me this weekend – I’ll join you some other time.”

I needed to find a birthday present for Dan, so I too decided not to join them.

I called Dan and asked if he would like to go along with the rest of the gang. I told him I was going to see my Aunt Iris and Uncle Steve. I borrowed some money from Andrew and checked my earnings. I figured I had more than I needed.

First, I went to the Victorian Arcade in Union Street. There was an underground market there called Aladdins cave.

‘I may find something nice and interesting here. I thought. There was a passage way which led to a book store. The place was a little darker than the rest. I felt it a bit eerie but went on further in.  I began searching the books in the fantasy section. I thought I might find something new and interesting. I could then buy books for both Dan and myself.

I was reading the epilogues of the books; I had this unavoidable habit of reading the last page first to decide if a book was good or not. I could find nothing I liked. Suddenly I felt warm air brush the back of my neck. It was as if someone was standing close by and breathing heavily on me. I felt sick with apprehension.  Hesitantly, I turned around, there was no one there. The shop was empty. The shopkeeper too had slipped out.  I heard a sudden cackle. Unable to fathom out from where it came and petrified, I dropped the book and fled the underground market.

I went to a store on the first floor. There I bought an army watch and a t-shirt for Dan.

 I left the shopping centre feeling confused. I was seeing so many things at once in my mind; my breathing quickened.  Though it was just seven in the evening, it was already dark. The streets were empty. I tried to convince myself ‘if anything unusual was going to happen I would definitely know about it.

 My mobile suddenly starting to ring made me jump. Trembling, I answered it. It was mum. Relief spilled over me. “Hello mum, yes, Im on my way.”

Okay dear, I was worried about you. You know you’re not allowed to take your bike away from the house.”

I know. I’ll be home in five minutes.”


I had a quick look around me then got on my bike. I started to ride faster. I had the same eerie feeling that someone was watching, as I had in the book shop.


I reached home and saw Brian talking on his mobile in the front porch. Andrew was in the garden too and texting on his mobile. That was a pretty usual sight for me as my brothers literally breathed phone and I often wondered if they would survive a day without it. “Brian!” I called out loud. My heart was beating faster and I could hear the throb in my ears. I was hyperventilating.

Hold on babe, hey Ivy, are you alright?” asked Brian. I ran to him and held him as tight as I could. Steph, I’ll call you back,” said Brian. He pulled me back and asked me firmly, “What happened - DID someone stalk you?”

No I-I saw-”

Let’s get inside,” he said and called Andrew. We sat in the hall. I realised, then how much I was trembling.

What happened, Ivy? Are you seeing things again, is everything okay?” asked Andrew.

Seeing?” asked mum, “What are you talking about? She stopped seeing things years ago.” She glared at me intently, “Ivy, what happened?”

Its nothing mum,” Brian gave Andrew a wry look.  “Ivy, calm down.” He patted my back.

 “Im okay now,” I muttered. I had never known this type of fear before; I stayed beside Brian, resting my head against his shoulder with my feet up on the sofa. What was it, was someone really following me, were they invisible or was it my imagination!

Ivy?” My mum’s voice wrenched me away from my thoughts. “Here take this tablet,” she handed me some water.  “This will help you to relax and sleep well.”

Did you see something again,” whispered Andrew, “Freak.”

Shut up. I-I was a little scared,” I sighed. My breathing was now, back to normal. Mum checked my pulse.

She is okay,” she told my brothers “Why were you scared?” she asked me.

I thought I saw something in the dark,” I replied.

You could have asked us to take you into town; we always have Gerald, Stan or Rusty available to drive. Dont go out alone and get yourself in to trouble,” said Andrew.

Okay, Im not a small child anymore and there is no way I would get lost on this Island.” “But you’re not allowed to go out alone. Have you forgotten the rule?” Brian teased. I pushed him away and stood up. I wobbled a bit but got my balance back. I cleared my throat and ignored my brothers.

“Mum, can I sleep in your room tonight, please?”

Okay,” said mum, “Phil is’nt here anyway”.

Then I changed my mind again and tried to smile. “I think I’ll sleep in my room, mum. I’ll be fine.”

Are you sure about that, munchkin?” asked mum surprised.

Andrew and Brian nudged each other, “She appears to be, mum don’t worry”

Thanks and goodnight,” I muttered and went to my room without saying another word.


I left the bedroom lights on.  Thats what I usually did when I was afraid or had nightmares. I went to the balcony and checked if I could feel or see something unusual. I saw our security men and gardener Willy talking at the gate. Though I knew we were rich, I never understood why we needed three men with guns to watch our house.  The Island was safer than most places.  I stood still for a while; everything was fine – normal - silence, not even a cackle.

I sighed and closed the door. I turned my music player on and started humming along to the music my eyes closed. I don’t know if I fell into a deep sleep. I felt eeriness and again heard a similar cackling laugh.

Wh-who is it?” I asked. “Is it magic?” I whispered to myself.

Suddenly I felt the same warm breath on my neck again. I wanted to scream but my voice stuck in my throat. My heart was thumping with the thought of impending danger.  I told myself to keep calm. I took great gulps of air. I quietly got down from the bed reached out and took my hockey stick from the floor. I frantically waved it in a circle around me. Then it was there again, the same shrill cackle. A sudden breeze passed through me pushing me onto the bed. I started to struggle but as suddenly as it came it was gone.  Everything was calm. 

‘Another Dream, I sighed as I sat on the bed gasping for breath. After a while and completely exhausted, I slept but the dreams of the forest continued.

 After continual nightmares and the experience of that night, I was so lethargic I decided to skip school.


Chapter 2 - The Storm and a letter


Breakfast, Miss Hills,” said Rosie

Im coming.”

Mr. Hills told to bring it here, Miss Hills.” I saw Andrew behind her.

He shook his head and sighed, “Freshen up and have your breakfast. I suppose you are not going to school today.”

“No, Im not.”

“I thought so, freak,” Andrew chuckled. I frowned. He left, mumbling something under his breath; I ignored it.

Thank you for bringing my breakfast, Rosie. What did you bring?

Scrambled eggs, bread and warm milk, miss.”

Lovely, thank you.”

She was about to leave; I called her back, Rosie?”

Yes, Miss. Hills.”

Do you believe in magic?”

Yes I do, Miss Hills,” she left with a curtsy. I hated it whenever she bowed in front me. “Rosie,” I called her back. “Yes, Miss Hills.”

“Call me Ivana and please don’t treat me as if I am from a royal family.”

She smiled and bowed again closing the door behind her.


Having decided not to attend school; I set off instead to visit the underground market again. I picked up my bike and was ready to leave. I saw Gerald talking to security at the gate. I approached it with authority.

Miss Hills, your brother Brian has instructed us not to let you go out alone with your bike today.”

BLAST! I thought. How did they know I would go out?

“Thank you Gerald but I am going out alone with or without the bike.”

Let me drive you Miss Hills. It’s for the best. Im sure you dont want me to lose my job. ”

“Oh put that way I will go with you but please stop calling me - Miss Hills. Im tired of telling everyone Call me Ivana. It makes me feel as if I’m from sixteenth century.”

Gerald brought the Peugeot which was usually available to the front of the house. I sat in the back seat as always.

He smiled at me and asked, “Where to Ivana?”

Victorian Arcade, please,” I said. “Um Gerald - do you have children?”

Yes, I do - a son and a daughter.”

That’s nice; may I meet them some time?”

Certainly, I will bring them over for a visit this Christmas.”

Sounds wonderful,” I said, I remembered that he never ever mentioned his family.

We drove to the market. I wore my blue hooded jumper so I could cover my face. The place was busy. I asked Gerald to stay in the car while I went to the same book store and waited for the cackle to start or the warm breath on the back of my neck - Nothing! Everything was calm and bright.

Do you need some help miss?” asked the shop assistant. I was pleased she did not recognise me.

No thank you,” I said pretending to search for a book. There was one book which grabbed my attention.  I remembered it was not there yesterday. It was a faded reddish colour, small and thick bound, with copper inscriptions on it. I picked it up from the shelf.

I was still waiting to hear the voice or something unnatural to happen. To my disappointment everything was absolutely normal.

Once again I cleared the dust on the book. The legend of Thelekiyatans and the Greengables it read. I recollected that Dans last name was Greengables.

The book looked more than two hundred years old. I turned the upper cover - I was surprised to see that the book was hand-written like the papyrus scrolls.

WOW!” I thought to myself. I waited for some more time, holding the book and pretending to read the other books. After a while the shop assistant came again.

We are about to close for lunch, are you buying anything, miss?”

Um yes this one and two set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, please.” I gave the books to her and walked to the checkout.

Where is the price code on this, Clemente? I dont think we have had this book in our shop-” he said as he held it out.

It might be £35,” she said without looking.

Oh, alright, £35 for this book and a total of £230, altogether please,” said the shop keeper. He looked at the book suspiciously. “I wonder where this came from.”

Thank you,” I paid the bill and took the books.

Though it was only noon, the sun was covered by cloud and it was getting quite dull. I came out of the market and I was about to get into the car. I suddenly felt someone watching me from a distance. There was a tree just outside the parking area. Behind, it was a tall dark figure, I blinked and looked again - it had vanished. Confused, I looked again, expecting someone to peep from behind the tree again. What is it Ivana?” asked Gerald looking in the same direction.

Nothing,” I said. “Lets go home it may pour down very soon.”


"I need to stop at Dan's house - to wish him a happy birthday," I said to Andrew. "Then we’ll go to school."

"You spend a lot time together," said Andrew and looked at the parcel in my hand. "Presents! Would you be singing happy birthday to him too?"

I blushed and stuck out my tongue.  "No I will not."

"Poor Dan," said Andrew, "And poor me."


"I'm on my way to Dad's office. Unfortunately," Andrew sighed. "I hate going there. Anyway, I can take you both-"

"Um no, thank you. You have fun anyway," I said.

"You are really funny," he replied sarcastically and left.

Bye Andy,” I shouted again. I saw mum smiling, “Bye Mum.” I said to her too and ran towards Daniels house.

Dan’s mother wished me and asked me to wait in the hall. After a few minutes Dan arrived, he wore a new light blue t-shirt with dark blue jeans and looked strikingly handsome. For a moment I caught my breath.

Happy Birthday, Dan!” I said and handed my gift to him.

Thank you Ivy,” he said with a big smile on his face. “Can I open it now?”

Yeah go ahead.”

Wow! Thats surprising. Percy Jackson series! Oh My GOD a watch - Rolex? You have really gone mental, Ivy? Theyre so - and the t-shirt. Thank You!”

Im glad you liked it. Do you want to go to school or our secret lake?” I whispered.

Of course, the lake. Dont want to change our birthday traditions.”

Fine. Then dont tell your parents like you did on my birthday,” I accused.

I remembered, he accidentally told his parents that he was going out with me on my fifteenth birthday and his mum gave me new instructions on why I mustn’t go out with boys alone until I'm sixteen.

That was a mistake and hope your brothers will not know too.”

They wont,” I assured.

Are you going to school?” asked Mrs. G.

Yes mother,” replied Dan as we hurried out.


We came to our secret lake. It was the only place where Daniel and I spent most of our childhood, if we wanted to stay away from others. We never saw anyone coming to the lake. Thats why we named it Our Secret Lake. I looked around the lake and the ever green trees, feeling unusually happy and fortunate to have this place to ourselves and turned towards Dan, he too seemed to disappear in thoughts.

I called him twice and he didn’t hear me. It was not normal to see Dan quiet, he was thinking something deeply.

You’ve been so quiet today?” I asked with concern.

I have to tell you something Ivy,” he kept staring at lake.

What is it Dan you - you look troubled?”

This is going to sound a bit mental but I have been hearing voices you know - calling my name - sometimes chuckling noises like a horror movie - and-”

And what Dan?” I asked.

And it scares me Ivy.”

Okay,” I said and waited for him to speak but he didn’t. “Dan, what happened? I mean what was the dream about and - and when did it all happen?”

Since last week. Its all creepy. Ivy, I was just thinking - why are you not seeing things or dreaming these days?”

Me - what?” I asked, stunned with his question.

I mean, you know - you can see if anything bad or strange is going to happen, dont you?”

I felt this as a statement more than a question.

I’ll not know everything, Dan. You are expecting too much from me and its not fair. My dreams and visions are accidents - they just come. I dont ask for it,” I said furiously.

I Im really very sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

Thats alright, I know you didn’t mean to. Im sorry too - I was rude,” I said as I felt sorry. “Lets not ruin your birthday. Are you hungry?” I tried to cheer him up.

Yea I got some blueberry pies with me - want to eat?”

I smiled and took a piece of pie. Daniel suddenly grimaced and his eyes narrowed.

What is it Dan? I never saw you this serious in years.”

Have you noticed Ivy, its been more than ten years since we are coming here. Nothing has changed. No one comes,” he said looking around. “It never rains or snows - its like the spring season throughout the year. I ask this the same question all the time, don't I?" Dan sighed. "It has an enchantment like you always wanted."

Yeah - and nothing might change,” I smiled trying to cheer him up in vain, “Just like this lake theres one more thing that wont change.”

What is it?

Our friendship.”

And our secret visits to OUR Secret Lake.”

Long live - our friendship!” we said together and laughed.

You know what Ivy-” he sighed again.


Nothing - you are beautiful; I mean beautiful at heart.”

You are handsome too Dan - of course at heart. No wonder Ellie is having a hard time concentrating during history class,” I teased and waited for his reaction.

What? Ellie - on me?”


Well in that case you are giving hard time to Matt too.”

Ah, thats not true.”

He was talking about you in gym the other day. He wants to ask you out, take you on a date after the exams.”

He did!” I was surprised at that, because I never really felt that someone except Dan would ever want to go out with me, everyone was afraid of my family.

Would you like to go?” he asked softly.

Dan you know I wont. Except you I cant imagine going on a date with anyone else,” I bit my tongue, “I meant it theoretically.”

Are we on a date?”

If you say so,” I mumbled.

That means weve been dating since you were two years old. Wow! Thats a record,” said Dan exaggerated.

No, its your birthday party n-not a date,” I said cautiously. “We were never on a date; it just – uh – secret visits to – our – secret lake.”

If you say so, but Matt is pretty desperate.”

Shut up, Dan.”

While we were still teasing each other and taking about school and who was stalking whom, out of nowhere the wind started blowing.

I think its a storm,” said Dan. “Lets go-”

We stood up and the wind stopped. “No its not a storm,” I said. A paper fell right in front of us. “See I told you,” I said again.

A-A p-paper wh-where did this c-c-come from?” asked Dan apprehensively. We were equally scared to death and looked around.

May be someone accidently came and is playing practical joke on us. I knew that was a possibility as we were not the only citizens living on this island.

Anybody there?” I shouted twice but no one responded.

My heart was pounding faster than normal and Daniel still didn’t recover from the shock. We watched each other pensive for a while. Daniel muttered something under his breath.

Um - Looks like someone gave you a birthday letter,” I said.

Aaa-Are you sure Ivy?” he asked hesitantly.

Yes, I guess so, open it.”

To Mr. Daniel Greengables,” he read it out loud and gazed at me, his eyes wide open in shock. I wished I could do something and get rid of the fear in us.

Go on,” I said to encourage him and managed to put on a fake smile on my face. “Its okay Dan, read it.”

You look like you are going to throw up any minute.”

I wont, read the letter please.”

Its hand written,” Dan gulped. I smiled and nodded my head.

You are here by chosen for a task passed on to you from your forefathers. You are to defeat the evil one and perish him forever. You will have four fortnights from this day for the preparation and three fortnights before you could complete the task.”

I wonder what is this all about - does this evil one has any name?” I said to myself trying to understand what it meant. “A fortnight means fifteen days; its calculated as per the moon cycle.”

Ivy, th-these th-things are n-not true, a-are they?” he shivered.

"I dont want to lie just because you are afraid and you already know the story."


It may be true Dan, its your family legend look, your grandfather told us about his adventure and your mother told me the same story a few years ago; I still remember, dont you?”


The story-”

No one in my family believes in that story, Ivana. Defeat the evil one?” Dan scorned.

You believe in my dreams and things I see, dont you? You have seen it. It can't be JUST a story,” I reminded him. “Your grandfather did go to a magical kingdom and faced that evil king along with his friend. You have to go and I am coming with you.”


Dan, dont worry, we have time and WE will find out. Also I have something to show you - a book.”

A book? Okay, we - but how Im sure someone is joking with us. I guess someone knows we come here and they are trying to fool us.”

We dont know - yet. Now dont ruin your birthday. Everything is and will be fine” I said. He nodded his head in agreement and smiled; his eyes were still intent.

Ivy, I wonder - If it is true - what will happen to me - us?” He shook his head, “Uh what’s wrong with me? Im sure its fake. Someone’s just trying to scare us.”

I looked at him keenly for a moment and didn’t respond. “Im sure you’ll know if anything is going to happen. As you havent dreamed anything about this Im sure they are NOT true,” he smiled.

I dont know-”

In case it is true, which is obviously not - you will be with me, won't you?”

Where ever you go Dan, I will be with you. I promise.”


The End

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