Chapter 2: A friend

A month has passed, my Nan’s funeral was hard for all of us and my mum has started drinking again… She often hits me in a drunken rage and so I’m covered in bruises and I have to have several days off school a week as I hurt so much. I love my mum dearly but the drink has turned her nasty, so I have to get away from home. I’m planning on running away so I’ve been packing my things for over a week now on the sly so she won’t guess what I’m doing. I wear my Nan’s necklace all the time but I still haven’t found out how to use my powers, if I really am a witch. That was until I met Trent. Trent is the new boy at school and the same thing recently happened to him, I mean his Nan dying and everything. We are good friends now, which is new to me as I’ve never really had a true friend.

That’s the thing though, the other day we were down at the park and he was hanging upside down on the monkey-bars when all of a sudden I catch a glimpse of a necklace that falls out of his jacket, its green and tear drop shaped almost like mine. When I asked him about it he denied having a necklace and when I went to check his neck it was gone!

Then one day I found my mum on the bathroom floor unconscious. I had never felt so scared in all my life but I knew I had to ring 999 for an ambulance to come and help her. The ambulance crew turned up five minutes later and ran into the house to the upstairs bathroom. I simply heard the words ‘overdose’ and ‘coma’ and then I was taken by the hand and led to the ambulance following my mother who was on a stretcher.

I never knew my father and he has never bothered to get in touch before this day, but now things are moving so quickly I can’t complain that I have a place to go to even though he does not say two words to me.

The End

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