It's What I Am...

A young girls life suddenly changes for the better when she finds out what she really is...

My name is Violet. I am 13. Some people would say I was quiet, generally a nice person who gets on with my work and doesn’t get involved with anything out the ordinary. It’s funny how wrong some people can be…

Chapter 1: I’m a what?!

“How are you Nan?” I asked trembling. A tear rolled down my freckled cheek and splashed onto my T-shirt. She turned her head towards me in her bed and smiled, “never better sweetie.”

My mum was sat next to me her hand on my Nan’s hand, she was shaking but she was wearing a smile to make me feel better, though I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t.

The doctor came into the room holding a clipboard. “Mr’s Anderson, can I speak to you a minute?”

My mum nodded and left the room with the doctor.

I gazed at my Nan, she was pale and had wires coming out of her from all places, oxygen, a drip, the list seemed endless. She was looking at me with a lost look in her eyes. “Violet” She whispered, slowly reaching over to the bedside drawer, “I want you to have something before I go…”

I held my breath as she sat back against her pillow and sighed. “Here” she said holding out a small velvet box. I took it in my hands, glancing up I saw my Nan nod. I looked back at the box and unclasped it. Peering inside I saw the most beautiful necklace in he world staring back at me. It was almost teardrop shaped and violet in colour. It glistened like a star and I instantly fell in love with it. “Nan it’s beautiful!” I gasped, “But why are you giving me this?”

She pulled the sheets up to her chest and smiled “You like it?”

“I love it” I exclaimed “but you still haven’t told me why you’ve given it to me.”

Her face became serious and she beckoned me to come closer. As I did she leant forward a little to get closer to my face, “You’re not like everyone else…” She explained “it’s hard to believe and you’re going to think I’m mad but I need you to take in my every word.”

I nodded, keen to find out why she was being so mysterious.

“Okay well here goes… Violet… you’re a witch” She said.

I laughed sarcastically “a witch? Are you? how can I be? I mean there’s no such thing…is there? And what has that got to do with the necklace?”

“I knew there’d be so many questions with you Violet” She uttered shaking her head “Unfortunately I’m running out of time…”

“But to put it into prospectus for you, yes there are such things, and yes I can prove that I am and that I’ve passed on that gene to you through your mother and that I’m not joking. The necklace is a symbol of what you are…” She declared.

“Prove it” I said.

She began to look around the room. “See that book over there?” she asked. I nodded. “I’ll make it come to you” just as she said that she pointed at the book and made it slowly glide over to where I was sitting and land in my lap. I jumped up in surprise and stared at my Nan who had a grin on her face. “How did you? What? I’m a… But? Why?” I stuttered.

Just then I heard a loud beeping noise and three doctors came rushing into the room, followed by my mum who was crying. The doctors told us to leave the room, I was dragged out screaming, trying to get back to my Nan’s side. I knew she was going to die. Minutes later the doctors came out shaking their heads. The last doctor to leave the room came over to the bench we were sitting on. “I’m very sorry Mr’s Anderson there was nothing more we could do for her…” My mum nodded as the doctor turned away from us and walked away. As soon as he was out of sight she burst into tears and fell onto her knees. I kneeled next to her and gave her a hug for comfort. I myself was crying but my mind was on the whole ‘witch’ news, so I knew I was no help.

The End

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