It's Started

I heard a gun shot, I knew it was about to begin at that moment.  I was right another five followed the first.  The atmosphere at this stage was absouletly terrifying.  It was crazy, soldiers everywhere shooting, running, hiding from the oppostion.

I had seen with my own eyes, people that had already lost their lives.  It was truly depressing.  I felt for their families, for when they would find out that they sadly wouldn't be returning home.

So many soldiers were badly wounded, nurses were trying to care for them as best as they could.  Sometimes it just wasnt enough.

It wasn't like anything I had ever witnessed before in my life.

I honestly couldn't wait to be able to go back gome, to a safer place.  You just didn't know when somebody was going to be shot dead in this place.  I was worried. 


The End

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