It's War!

What World War 1 (1914 - 1918) was actually like, through the eyes of a young female reporter. Try to understand, what the conditions were like, and how it affected peoples lives, in so many ways.

It's 1914, World War 1 was about to begin.  More than seventy million military personnels were sent to what was the largest war in history.

Many young men lied about their ages, because they wanted to go to war so badly for their country, but not knowing, or having any understanding of what exactly war was, let alone what the conditions were like, and how their lives would change.

World War 1 took place in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Conditions were extremely tough, and many soldiers were struggling being so far away from their families.  And also not knowing the actual length of time they were going to be away for.

From an insider's view I saw everything.  I don't think anyone could actually fully understand what war was like even if they tried.  Just the atmosphere was terrifying enough,  and having your life hanging by a thread.

I saw so many young people going to war with different emotions, some excited to fight for their country with pride, but not really knowing what to expect.  Some scared of the thought of leaving their families and friends, and not really knowing when they would return home, and if they would.

The End

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