Its Totally about me

I was walking on this road which just seemed to accompny my lonliness. I am not lonely in the true sense its the time one stops feeling things.(That s what i feel)

I was feeling so because i was not feeling my presence anywhere the way i used to feel before and i dont even know the reason. Lets leave that alone for now you know i have this a  very small bunch friends and they are too good i love them and i have my family consisting of my dear, angry and ya she lovs to keep me running all day long.. well she wants me to be really strong, a very principle filled Mom.. i love her totally, i have this pacific cool dad he jus too sweet and is like a kid he always wants to see me running around doing great things (Alas), following i have my elder Borther he is one angry young man, highly obssessed with looking good, then i have another bro he a smart Jack... dos nt like me much, he s not living with us he is out of country making uo his life, then its me... folwing me is my little granny sister... she volatile, she a very simple girl with high thinking her maturity at thisd will amaze you and the "on your face kinds" i love her a lot.

Ok thats my basic.... to add on i these crazy 3 friends... seriously speaking i dont miss not hhvaing enemies....they are arrogant, take me for granted, they tell me any crap they feel like.. well of course m alws there... over it,, they love me.. we are still discoveribg each other yet.. i have these unforgettable memories with them.. i wish we reman the same.



If you like it... i ll updating my story very soon.


The End

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