It's To Be Expected

You always hear the saying "Every one out of five" This is a little play on that, it's in progress but we shall see...

When I started this project it was for the sole purpose of research, it was (I thought) an easy way out.  I planned on being bored out of my wits, and sometimes, I was.  My idea on anything closely resembling work, or anything time consuming, especially my time quickly drew my nose up into the air and my eyebrows down towards my feet. 

Mitchell went all aboard, enthusiastically and with the gusto of a bright eyed newbie, although this was so far from the truth.  He drew out an outline.

The first week was drag ass boring, statistics here and statistics there.  I walked around in a fog most of that week.

Let's see, here is the idea,  "One out of every five"  that could be people, places,  and things, were doomed.  Basically if you had five cows that had mad cow disease, one of those five would die, actually all of those five would die, bad example, but I think you get my drift.   The premise is  {it's to be expected}.

As I said, my head was foggy, my temper was sharp, my mood foul, usually after the pain staking statistical search, I filled my gullet with a slice of cold pizza  and a nice bottle of beer.  I would sit in the tub and try to contemplate the days work. 

When did it all change?

The End

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