. . .It's time for a change

I quickly look down at my soaked sneakers forming a tunnel with my wet hair. Looking up to the sky was a gray blanket formed with rain and wind. The trees were soaked to the bark, branches drooping forming a tunnel along the gravel road to the farm. I knew my parents were not going to be pleased with my soaked body. I quickly hop onto my old red bike and head down the drive. The tires crunched away as I finally haulted infront of the farmers porch. I quickly look out onto the prairie that held my companion, solid base, my best friend, Garnette. The painted beauty stood in the far corner grazing on the wet grass. I feel yet another rain drop on my cold skin and head for cover inside the house. I look through the window. "Ma, is in the kitchen, Dad's watching baseball with Meg," I said to myself outloud. I always am talking to myself. Meg and my dad loved baseball. Meg was the 10 year old sister, that could be an angel at one point and then be a devil the next point. "So, I could easily make it upstairs, and take a nice hot shower," again talking to myself outloud. A nice hot shower, that sounded nice. I was cold and wet, that seemed perfect right now. I crept towards the door hoping it wouldn't creak its way open.  I quickly slide my body through and head upstairs,"clear." I quickly look at the clock in the gray hallway leading to the bed rooms, 5:00 pm. Jackie would be here at 5:30. I had to get moving. Grabbing fresh,warm, clean clothes  I head towards the bathroom.  Ofocurse Meg and her devious brain beat me to the bathroom so I am left in the hall dripping wet.

The End

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