going out with a bangMature

i rigged the place with all the c4 we had  so that if we got swarmed wed take them with us. luckily the military base is in the middle of the city so none of the zombies will escape through a hole in the fence. as it turns out the military base had an awesome stereo system. we havent used it yet due to not wanting to attract zombies.

a few weeks past and nothing really happend we had the ocasional zombie wondering around but nothing major. "were running low on food im gonna take the minivan and go looking for some you stay here and watch the base" miles said to me. i nodded" becareful out there" i said " will do" and he left. while he was gone nothing happened at base as usual.


miles here again so anyway i got in the minivan and headed out for food. i drove to the nearest convient store and walked inside with my assault rifle. at first nothing i walked behind the counter nothing. then i opened the break room and i saw 10 zombies. i shot fast and hit them all but unfortantly no headshots. i got bit once on the arm. i knew i was going to die but derik still needed the food so i killed off the 10 zombies filled the bags with food then jumped in the mini van, i stoped a few more times to get more food and then headed to the base.


derik again. anyway miles showed up handed me the bags of food." this is great man come on in and we will eat some of it" he shook his head and told me what happened "so what now miles" i asked. he smiled " im gonna take as many of thoose zombie bastards with me. if you dont mind can i stay here and you go  somewhere far away." i nodded "its the least i can do. i filled up the minivan with supplies then headed out. as i did i head miles crank the stereo to full blast playing "its the end of the world as we know it" by r.e.m  which made me smile. i hit the gas and drove to the egde of town where i was safe from the big boom then i waited


miles for the last time here. after i cranked the music zombies started pouring in from all directions. i fired again and again. but their was always another to replace the one i just killed. i kept killing them again and again finally they reached my walls and started to break in. i shot rapidly all around me. then i droped my gun and grabed the dead mans switch for the c4. i screamed  "i love you sarah" then my song ended and it was time for me to go. right as the zombies closed around me i let go of the dead mans switch then BOOOM


i was miles away when the boom happen yet i could see and feel it in all its magnitude. now all i have to do is find a way out of the city 

                                      THE END?

The End

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