old friends?Mature

i woke up and me and miles ate breakfast and headed out. i drove for a few we would have made it to the base earlier but we went completely around the gas station. as i was driving miles had to pee so i pulled over and let him do his buisness. we hadnt run into anything but swarms who are easily avoidable. as we were stopped i saw two zombies stumble into the street. miles had finished his stuff."lets take them out quickly and quietly" i said. he nodded and we started down the street me with my katana him with his baseball bat.

when we got closer and then we realized who the zombies were. we both stoped dead in our tracks as chad and arthur or what was left of chad and arthur slowly stumbled towards us. "should we take them out" i asked. " this is a disgrace to chad and arthur, take them out and dont hesitate" miles said. i nodded in agreement and i swung my katana ans arthur got closer it was a clean hit to the top of the head. one down one to go. miles jumped up and slammed the baseball bat on chads head cracking it in two and breaking the base ball bat. miles threw away the bat pulled out his lighter and set the two friends of ours ablaze " our friends will not be the undead" miles said. we walked back to the car and said farewell to our friends

after about an hour we arrived to the military base it was empty except for supplies. we got enough c4 to level a block and two assualt rifles with plenty of ammo. we decided to stay in the military base incase someone came back.

The End

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