then there was twoMature

we finnally hit the edge of the town but its not what we wanted to see. a giant fence had been erected around the citys edge we pulled up and got out. miles said "wow, we cant climb it but one of us  might be able to crawl under" we both looked at sarah. she nodded " i am the smallest, you two wait here, i love  you too miles, sorry i didn't say it earlier" she hugged then kissed him and ran towards the fence. 

she got there and started crawling under the fence she got halfway under when i heard a loud bang. i looked where sarah's head had been. "NOOOOO' miles screamed he fell to his knees. then it hit me " we cant leave the city, the military has us boxed in and wont let anyone out." miles grabbed the pistol and started firing towards where the shot originated from. " miles lets go, theres nothing we can do now. he fired three more times got in the back and started crying. i started driving aimlessly.

 we drove aimlessly for a few hours. then i decided to head to the military base in town to see if we could get santioned out. if i had learned anything from movies it was no one would be there but we would soon find out. we drove for a few more hours dodging swarms. it got pretty late so we decided to stop in a house and clear it then get some rest.

we went inside i with our stuff found some food  only had to kill two zombies then we boarded up the house and took shifts sleeping. during my shift to stay  away i wondered why we were even trying any more both me and miles had lost everything we loved. then i realized why we were trying was because our girlfriends and friends would have wanted us too. miles woke up after a few hours then i slept.

The End

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