a happy reunion or so we thoughtMature

after a little while on my newly found motorcycle. i spotted a small shed next to a house i figured the shed would be easier to clear so i went in parked the bike and boarded up the door and i layed down next to the bike and hoped to get some sleep. i woke up a few hours later it was early in the morning so i grabbed what i could salvage from the shed not much just a few water bottles. and i headed back to the gas station so i could follow the trail of my girlfriend.

i got to the gas station and winced when i saw the bodies of chad and arthur. then i followed the road i saw my girlfriend drive off into last night. i followed it for a while then i saw what looked like a gocart. upon closer inspection i realized it was miles gocart. i knew miles was dead though. so i left it there and continued down the road then i saw the mini van. i hit the gas and caught up to it. amber pulled over and ran out of the car to hug me then the back door opened and i saw miles and sarah climbing out."Miles" i exclaimed " your alive" he smiled and said " yea im fine" i smiled and replied" you're fine im dandy together we're fine and dandy" we all laughed for the first time in days 

then amber asked " wheres chad and arthur" miles answered before i could say anything "they dead i saw them on the road down that aways must of been a painful death" amber and sarah looked at me for an explanation "they saved my life by sacrificing themselves they decided it would be better for them to die together so i could get to amber, it was really heroic" amber hugged me again " they are in a better place now" yea i nodded. we all got in the mini van and headed down the road this time me and amber in far back miles and sarah in the front.

while laying down in the back amber laying ontop of me she whispered in my ear" i need to tell you something" we sat up and i asked " what is it dear" she whispered " i was bitten. now in a state of panic i asked "where and when" she said " on my ankle when we found the mini van the one that fell out got me." i put my head in my hands "whats gonna happen" she asked me. i said "your gonna turn dear into one of thoose things " she asked me very calmly"when?" i said." you proboly have a day tops " she kissed me " miles stop the car please" she asked " what are you doing " i asked. " i love you derik" she got out of the car and then i realized she had one of the 9mm " NO DONT" i was too late she had already put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. i sat down in the car put my hands in my head and simply cried. miles closed the back door, grabed the gun, and started driving down the road he told sarah " i love you" she sat there shell shocked about what she just witnessed 

The End

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