miles' dark daysMature

hey miles here now before i say anything where was the last time you saw me? ahhh right trying to save candance. lets start from the run up the hill shall we. 

so i was running up the hill when i saw candance trip and fall. i went with instincts and tried to save her.  after i killed the first two the other ten came at me  i shot one kicked another and shot a few more before i started running down the hill like a dumbass. i fired shots but ik candance was dead so i got the swarms attention and i ran to the east of the hill. i kept running and running. after a while i was out a breath and had to stop i looked a round and found i was almost home. so i walked home.

when i got there i reloaded the 9mm and i filled a few backpacks with food and water bottles. then i took them to the garage set them down and then i grabbed my old metal baseball bat. shells for the 9mm and i grabbed my dads 9mm and his old shotgun with shells of course i put them all in the back of my gocart then i decided it was time to leave. i had to find my friends but first i needed gas.

so i drove to the nearest gas station. i saw a swarm towards the gas station so i decided to wait it out. luckily i choose a small house to clear out and stay in for the night cause that swarm didnt leave till morning. so the next morning i drove down the street and i realized why it had taken the swarm so long to move on. i looked down at the two dead guys then i realized who they were. chad and arthur hadnt made it. i wonder if anyone else from our group had died. i hoped sarah was okay but for now i had to get gas and try to find the group.  when i got to the pump there was burnout marks from someone speeding away i hoped it was my group so after i filled up i headed the direction of the tire marks.

after a while i saw a mini van with movement inside so i pulled up next to it and tapped on the glass. then i opened the door with my bat raised and my heart stopped with joy it was sarah and amber. i hugged sarah first. i half expected her to slap me but she didnt instead she kissed me and hugged me even more. thats when she slapped me and told me"if you ever left me again ill kill you". i grabbed my stuff then amber got in the drivers seat and we drove off. to where i didnt know but i  didnt care i had what i needed right here in my arms 

The End

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