hell in the rearview mirrorMature

we started down the road and i asked "so any place in particular we wanna go?" "chads uncle owns a farm outside city limits aways we could go there" offered arthur. "perfect" i agreed. amber leaned over and kissed me and then she said "we might want some gas first babe" i smiled and nodded. " when we get to the gas station, amber i want you to hop in the drivers seat incase we have to take off quickly, sarah you should stay in the car, arthur and chad youll come with me to check out the store for food while the gas is pumping." they all nodded. i turned to amber" if anything goes wrong step on the gas and get outta here dont worry bout me if we get sperated i will find you promise" she nodded 

when we arrived at the gas station everything started off according to plan. after i finished pumping gas chad arthur and i went inside. thats when disaster struck. amber saw it before i did and she honked the horn three times. but i knew it was too late i signaled for her to drive off and i screamed"GOOOO" for clearity she drove off quick enough. she was safe. then i realized me chad and arthur were not. i said "lets gooo". i still had my katana and they had found baseball bats inside the store. they looked at each other and had a silent agreement and said" go find your girl man we will distract them long enough for you to escape" they hugged and kissed one last time. 

then it hit me  i knew what they were gonna do. i nodded "thanks you guys, see you in a bit?" they nodded. and i ran. i looked back as they both yelled and charged toward the swarm and then they ran down the street. down the street i heard a scream from arthur i heard chad scream " OH HELL NO" and then i heard just noise as i ran away. i ran and ran untill i stumbled across a motorcycle then i rode away tears running down my face. as i had just lost my best friends from the fourth grade.

The End

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