reality strikesMature

so we ran. we had no idea where we were going we just followed arthur and chad. then it happened. the swarm of zombies spotted us and a few zombies starting running up the hill." run faster" i yelled. we all did  and for a second i thought we would make it but then candance fell. there was nothing i could do without getting caught myself  so i kept running then miles turned around with the 9mm and shot two that were about to grab candance. it was no use thoose two fell but the gunshots made the other ten runners converge on miles and candance. i heard gunshots and i wanted to help but i knew it was too late. i screamed " dont look back just keep running" to my group and we did. after about another ten minutes we were all exhausted.

chad and arthur looked back for the first time since they started running. " wheres miles and candance" asked chad? i looked down " they didnt make it, candance tripped, miles tried to save her firing two shots before they got swarmed" amber came up and hugged me "itll be alright" she whispered. thats when sarah started sobbing horribly. "its not the time nor the place sarah we have to get to safety" i said."WHATS THE POINT" she screamed between sobs. i didnt know the answer to that luckily arthur knew what to do. " you should know miles would want you to continue on without him. do you really want his death to be in vain we should get going before someone else dies" arthur said calmly. sarah nodded. she didnt stop crying but atleast she walked with us.

we walked a ways then i saw the minivan. i said " guys maybe we should hitch a ride and get outta town." i said. the all followed me to the minivan luckily it had the keys in the floor board unluckily there was a zombie that scared us all half to death as it fell out of the car when we opend the back door. i managed to chop its head off before it got anyone. we all climbed in chad and arthur in the far back sarah in the middle and me and amber up front. we started the car and headed down the road.

The End

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