its the end of the world as we know itMature

this is my first work im looking for critisim so its just a quick zombie thingy

today started just like any other day i woke up and was running late as usual. so i left the house and started walking to school. im a senior this year. ive never really been popular i suppose but i got my small group of friends which is enough for me. there is 7 of us in my group including me. we have the nerd of the group miles, there is mrs popular, candance, then we have our drama queen, sarah. we have our all star sports guy arthur who happens to be gay. we have arthurs boyfriend chad, then theirs amber my girlfriend, and last but not least their is me derik. it all started 2nd hour. thats when all hell broke loose literally. but before we get to that lets start in second hour english

" good morning class take your seats and we will get started" said mr williams. class goes on as usual. " alrighty class time for announcements your home work for tonight is to start reading romeo and juilet"... the class waits for announcements... the intercom comes on "*static* no no no no no no STAY OUT everybody run oh god no no shit noooooooooooooo AHHHCK" the intercom goes dead. the class starts panicing " EVERYONE EXIT IN AN ORDERLY FASHION" so we get up and head into the hallway and i see people being attack by other school mate." what the hell did that guy just bite her" said some girl.i instantly knew what was happening after that i called over to my friends "lets go follow me" we ran 

"derik, whats going on?" asked amber. " the apocalypse dear" when i said that sarah started sobbing as we ran. luckily i lived down the road so we went to my house. "my parents are at work i hope they are okay" sarah plopped onto the couch and started crying miles put his arm around her and rubbed her shoulder. normally she wouldnt allow that but it was the end of the world so. i kissed amber and walked into my dads room grabbed his shotgun and 9mm. " arthur and chad you two board up the windows and back door miles you take the 9mm dont fire unless necessary and if you do fire aim for the head. amber go into my room and grab my katana please "  a few hours past and nothing. three days past and nothing happend but worst of all my parents hadnt returned. and we only had about a months worth of food. then after another 6 days we decided it was time to leave well more like we were pushed out...

so anyway i was doing my normal checks at all the windows to see if any zombies had headed this way usually we get one or two zombies and they just pass us if we are quiet. at first i only saw one then chad called out " theres 3 over here" i walk over and look out and sure enough i see three zombies." keep quiet everyone" i go back to my window." miles go check the back" he ran off  and yelled "clear". " alright everyone grab your stuff we have to go" we all grabbed the weapons and some food and headed out the back and started running up the hill thats when i looked back and saw the swarm. countless zombies a few feet from my house. 

The End

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