It's the end of the world, ahHhhhAHAh

In the selection it show's how the world is changing through the eyes of a girl Julia. Julia and her family are very different at how they respond to the earth's slowing, her mother is very anxious and being in julia's sense maybe a little too protective. Her father basically acts like it's not actually happening, you can tell that he's just as scared as her mother but doesn't want to express it in front of Julia so she won't get scared or worried.

I feel like the slowing can be compared to lot's of things in our world today such as pollution, climate change, world hunger but these things are growing more gradually than the slowing, they never really talked about when it was realized that the earth was slowing, they just decided to announce it to the world one day, the government could have known for days, months, even years.

In the last chapter I read the media announced that they suggested to live by the regular 24 hour schedule, I don't believe many people will follow that even if it didn't interfere or unease how regularly they started to live with the 30 hours. The way that the government/media introduced the slowing I think wasn't the right way, it caused many to go into shock not knowing what to do, It reminds kind of like cultural shock except they're in the same environment but all of sudden they have to become a custom to all these new changes and they it was so all of a sudden they don't really know how to process it. It reminds me a lot of myself, I visit family a lot in Mexico and recently we went to visit after a 6 year hiatus, it really wasn't at all how i remembered it. I learned to get used to their slang and how differently they work, it may not be the best comparison but it reminds me of that,

The End

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