It's party time!

chapter one 

[in the Tuffet kichen]

mum: come on you two eat

Josh: i'm eating as fast as i can can't you see

mum: i can see but your just not eating fast enough with those cornflakes

Tom: alright alright

mum: today are your birthdays you don't want to be late for school and i don't want to miss the bus so get cracking

[looking sad]

mum: why are you looking so sad i can either take you to the pizza polar for your birthdays or the bowling place or the park

[looking even more sad]

mum: what is the matter with you two you been miserable since yesterday

Josh: it's just that...

Tom: all of our friends are fed up with the pizza polar, the bowling place and the park

Josh: and we all want somthing different

mum: alright alright you can talk about it to your grandfather when he comes to look after you ok? now keep eating

chapter two

[grandad comes]

Josh: what did you do when you were small for your birthday dad?

grandad: we did do somthing quite special

Tom:[excitdly] what was it?

Josh: tell us please 


Grandad: alright what we did was we celabrated it in a carnival

Tom: a carival?

grandad: yes a carnival

[then tom's eye's and josh's eyes lit up]

tom and josh: a carnival party!

The End

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