I think I hate long sleeves...Mature

Friendships don’t come easy to me. People still scare me, and a lot of the guys here still tease me about my condition. Still joke about my being forced to become my dead sister for half the day. Not to mention some of the people here can’t seem to grasp the simple fact that I’m the same person, male or female. I don’t let it bother me anymore, and I make sure not to let Rick know. Not because I care about those people, mind you. I just don’t want him to hurt himself. Punching that many people would bust up his fist, for sure.

It’s really hard for me to make friends, but the few I have mean the world to me. He knows this. That’s probably why he instantly scoops me up when I let him know that I’m worried about Vi, lying down with me facing him as he runs his hands through the back of my hair. “She’s not getting better?” His voice is soft. Concerned. I worry easily, but still he treats all my worries with great care, unless they’re about him. He just tries to blow those off, which always causes more worry from me… Shaking my head I curl in on myself a bit, resting my forehead against his chest. “No…”

Honestly, no doesn’t even begin to cover it. It’s not just that she’s not getting better. She’s getting worse. “…Since that last memory came back, she faking again. Really, the only one who can get any real reactions from her is Adrian. She’s… making herself sick. Vi isn’t used to holding things in. Doesn’t usually bother. Whatever this is, though, she’s determined to keep it between her and Zero. She’s just trying to swallow it and pretend it isn’t bothering her, and if you confront her about that she shuts down and stops talking again and just…” I can’t go on, as at I’m so frustrated that I have to ball up my fists, angry tears threatening to spill. Rick understands though, silently trying to calm me down with little kisses. Eventually I do calm down, a deep sigh escaping me as I nuzzle closer to him.

“Maybe she just needs more time?” I can’t help the irritated look I give him. It must have looked funny though, as he just gave a little chuckle. “If we give her anymore time, she might start hurting herself to try and deal with it on her own!” Rick stiffens at this, self-harm never having sat well with him. He looks like he’s about to say something but I beat him to it. “And don’t even try to tell me Vi wouldn’t resort to that, because she would. Rick, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep people from worrying about her. From having to burden people with her problems. She will try to deal with this on her own using anything and everything she can think of.” I thought I was done when an afterthought escapes me. “It doesn’t help that it’s winter, so she can wear long sleeves now…”

Rick somehow decided that the best thing to do right now is hug me close, which actually makes me feel a bit better.  I want Vi to feel better. I want to hear her laugh again. To see her play princess with the girls and make spicy cupcakes for that wolf friend of hers. I want the old Vi back… everyone does.

The End

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