To Tell, or Not To Tell

    Walking into school Monday morning my stomach still had that icky, knotty feeling. I still didn't know if i should tell Ryan or not. I know he wouldn't judge me or anything, I just feel a little embarrassed for some reason.  He is alwasy so caring and it really was bothering me I felt like I couldn't tell him.

    Speaking of Ryan, there he was coming straight towards me. Did he always have to be soo cute?? He was so tall and skinny, but not too skinny where you can see his bones or anything. His hair was sorta like his trademark. It was beautiful! Sandy blonde and wavy, and it flipped out on the side in the most adorable way. Everyone always said it was his best feature, but I know it's not. That would be his eyes. When I look into his eyes I forget what I'm saying or thinking.I have never seen eyes so blue. They're not just a flat blue, but they seem to have depth, and I feel like I can see how much he loves me in just one look.

   I was snapped back into reality when he wrapped his long arms around my waist and kissed my lips in a kiss so utterly sweet, it took my breath away.

   "Good morning, baby," he said with a smile.

    "Hello there," I said, still a little out of breath.

    "How was your weekend?" He asked me, taking my hand and casually leading the way to my locker. He had been out of town since Friday afternoon because of a soccer tournament. Personally, I think it is totally unfair how all the sports players get out of school so much more!



The End

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