It's Not Your Fault Honey, Really

Can you define "best friend"? The relationship below between Alexandra and Rae Ann defines best friend.

Alexandra (Xandra, Alex) -16, smart, capable, thoughtful, thinks things through,

Victoria (Tori) -10,wild, loud, center of attention, loyal, like her mom

Rae Ann (Rae, Annie)-16, Alexandra's best friend, devoted Christian,

Ryan-16, Alexandra's boyfriend, loving, a bit overbearing, jock

    "It's not your fault honey, really it isn't." This is what my mom kept saying over and over as we drove our tightly packed car away from his house. She was crying, but I could tell she was trying to hide that fact from Victoria and I. The black tear streaks gave it away, but I decided not to point that out. Inside I hoped Paige didn't see because if she saw Mom crying surely she would start bawling. I did not need that.

    "Where are we going Mommy?" Victoria questioned. Sometimes I wish she would just keep her mouth shut! Gosh, what is it with little sisters and the constant talking?

I could tell Mom was trying to compose herself a bit before she answered her. "We're going to Grammy and Papa's house for a few days."


Probably Ryan, I guessed as I grabbed my phone to see who had texted me. Look, I like having a boyfriend as great as Ryan, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a girl needs her space. You know what I mean ladies. Sometimes its just better to chill out with your best friend eating mini candy bars all night, than going to the movies with your boyfriend.

It wasn't Ryan, and I'm not sure if that made me happy or disappointed. But it turned out to be Rae Ann, and it was always good to talk to her. I find that whenever you don't want to talk to anyone, you should talk to your best friend. She never gets mad at you for snapping at her and always says the perfect thing.

hi girly, Is all she had texted, but it was enough to brighten my spirits just a bit.

Rae Ann was always the girl every guy wanted to be with, and the girl every girl wanted to be. She was tall, sporty, had long blonde hair and the hottest body. She was also single. She was a devoted Christian, and what some girls called "picky" or "snobby", she called having high standards. She didn't tolerate drinking, smoking, cussing, perverseness, not attending church every Sunday, and a few other things.

The best part about Rae was that she is my best friend. We have been best friends since we were three, and I love her to death.

"Change of plans girls. We're going to head over to Lori's house for a while," Mom told us.

"Yay!" Victoria squealed. Oh yea, Rae's little sister Marie is also Victoria's best friend, and Rae's mom is also my mom's best friend. It works out pretty well actually.

I happily texted Rae Ann back and told her I'd see her soon and that I had much to tell!



The End

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