Keep on RunningMature

I run. There after me.... there experiment. Ouch!

My stomach hurts. I cough.... hwy the hell do I have to breath? I thought they made all my organs useless.

"Capture Experiment 6! Capture Experiment 6!" The call rang through.

I felt like I had a hangover. Err, yuck!

I continue to run. While my bone be made of metal they don't feel heavy. I reach the town and a door is pulled open. "In girl" the man shouts.

I run over and slam the door behind me. "Experiment 6, Do not use the shield against your creators" the voicer shouts.

"Yeah, well you shouldn't have given it to me then" I shout. I put my palm to the door.

"Activate squence guard" I say realising my voice comes out electronically. When done I realise how tired I am.

I fall back unconsious. And wake to find myself on a matress on the floor. I hear cooking. Mmm, food I'm staving..... God, they did get many things wrong.

Well actually maybe that was there plan to create and living breathing robot..... from a human. God, I'm thirsty as well.

"Here" A bowl of soup in shoved into my hands. I look up to met the barrel of a gun and squeal.

"Don't kill me" I say inching away.

"But your one of them.... you've been infected" he says. Actually, he's quite cute.

"I'm not... I'm sort of a update. I have freedom of thoughts and I breath and live" I say stuttering.

Infected humans are just walking dead domed to die... Oh the humans get breeded by the machines.

"I just have the gear to kick ass..... Always wanted to see that film" I'm still stuttering. The man lowers the gun and looks confused.

"How can I trust you?" he asks.

"Uhh, you can't but I do have a sense of humor so that must show you I'm not a robot" I begin to think. "Oh, I'm not a robot was a song by Marina and the Diamonds.... I always prefered Hollywood"

Then he's laughing. "You're impossible. Whats you name?"

"I.... I dont have one and if I did I don't remember" I mumble.

"Hmm, any name you like to be called?" He asks kneeling in front of me.

"Uh....... Pandora... Yeah, like Pandora's box" I say smiling.

"Pandora it is" he says nodding. "You should eat"

I nod and drink down the soup. Doesn't burn my throat cause metal lines it.... does burn my mouth slightly though.


The End

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