The Memories of Colligan GrayMature


I looked out of my window before deciding whether or not to risk the short run to the shop. Three months ago I would've just been checking to see whether it was or looked like it was going to rain. Now it was to see if the streets were empty. And just my luck, there was one woman out and about. One woman might not seem so threatening considering what happened three months ago but it's thinking like that that got you turned into one of them.

See, whatever that thing was that got sent to Earth all those months ago had backup. And a backup plan for that matter. Sending down some alien piece of tech was a surefire way to distract us, find out what exactly got humans going. Then, once war broke out, the backup behind that glorious piece of AI sent out a virus. No one really knew the specifics of it since if your tech got hit by it you were as good as dead. But this one place figured it out: Haxx. They spread the word and within a few weeks this primary virus was gone with almost no trace. Well, if you can call everyone going back to analogue tech "no trace". These aliens or extra terrestrials or whatever you want to call them didn't count on humas clinging on to things they don't need. Almost every household in the world still has an analogue radio if you dig deep enough.

Earth's hackers and virus engineers and all the other tech nerds got scooped up by the Government and they did their best to write a virus that would attack the alien's tech but they didn't get very far. After all, they knew nothing about what they were trying to destroy other than "it's a lot more advance than anything we could ever imagine". So, with our pitiful attempt at an attack over, it was time for the other side to deal their damage again. This time they were more prepared. They somehow engineered virus but used on humans. It's like it goes into their brains, rewrites all the software and just uses them as some kind of puppet. The worst part? You can't tell if someone's been hit until you're right up close. And if they have been hit, that's normally the last thing you'll see. Sure, you'll see things after but you won't see things. Your eyes'll just be cameras getting more info for whatever it is that's attacking us.

That was two months ago. Everyone turned to Haxx for an answer. Haxx's big hope inspiring move? They switched off their radios and locked themselves away in hiding somewhere. A lot of people gave up after that. I didn't. It took weeks but I eventually got through to someone at Haxx. The verdict? They're scared. They don't know how to deal with it. The reason they cut themselves off from society? One of their team got infected and they didn't want it to get out. The fact that they'd been hit, not the actual person. No, the actual person got kicked out the second they realised. The only advice I could get out of the guys at Haxx was this "don't trust anyone". And that advice seemed to work fine for me.

Until I met that girl.

The End

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