The Hidden Door

The storm whipped at her hair as she took off. Nicky loved storms. She flew and tried to find Jason. As she couldn't call out, she would have to look for him. She, too, noticed the small thing on their porch, but although she didn't usually get curious, she couldn't bear not knowing what this was.

She swooped down and lnded two hundred feet from the shape. She still couldn't make it out. She got closer. A hundred feet to go, but she still couldn't make it out. She went around to the sid of the porch, where whatever it was wuldn't be able to see her. Uh-oh! It was Sharla! She quickly searched the sky and found Jason.

"Jason! Jason, we have a problem!" Nicky cried telepathically. "Sharla's still on the porch! It's too dangerous for her to cross the field! She'll be killed!"

"Well, it's too late to go back and take her home! She's just going to have to stay there." Jason replied, also telepathically. Since gryphons couldn't speak, they had been born with the ability to speak to each other with their minds. It helped in times like these.

Jason was right. It was too risky to even get near her, let alone to take her inside!

Jason told Nicky to just enjoy herself.

"We never know when there's going to be another storm like this! Don't waste a beautiful opportunity, Nicky."

But no matter what Jason told her, Nicky just couldn't forget about her only human friend sitting on their porch in the middle of a dangerous storm.

When the storm was over, they quickly landed on their back porch and transformed, again. They walked into the back door and called Sharla's parents to come pick her up. There had been a storm and she thought she could make it home, she was waiting for them on the porch.

Sharla's parents came and picked her up, and Jason felt only relief.

"Didn't I tell you not to bring her over!? I knew there was going to be a storm and you sensed it, too! So why'd you bring her over!? Huh?"

But then, Nicky saw something in the woods a couple hundred meters away. Nicky jumped on her quad and proceeded towards the woods. Jason quickly followed after her.

"Where are you going, Nicky!?"

She stopped a meter away from the door. It said something in a different human language. She couldn't read it. It said,

"Une Porte Perdu

Vient D'etre Trouver,

Viens Dedans

Et Explorer."

"Jason. Can you read that?" Nicky asked her brother. "I don't understand that language."

"I do. It's French. That's really wierd. It says, 'The Hidden Door Has Now Been Found, Come Right In And Look Around.' That's wierd. A hidden door?"

Jason slowly opened the door. What he and Nicky saw shocked them both. They hadn't seen their homeland in thirteen years. It still looked the same as they remembered. But what's with the french? That's not a gryphon's native tongue.

Either way, Jason and Nicky had just found their way back home, and they were going to take it.

The End

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