It's Not Safe Anymore

                They stood in the shade, staring out across the field. Standing side by side, the young man and woman seemed to be enjoying the day; however, their conversation didn't have anything to do with the nice weather.

"We really shouldn't be here. It's not safe anymore. You know that, so why can't we just leave?" Nicky asked her companion.

"You know perfectly well why not. I already told you that we aren't leaving and that's the final word." Jason replied harshly.

Jason's quick glance over at Nicky revealed the hint of nervousness and worry that he was unwilling to admit to his little sister. That didn't matter though; he had already made his decision. They were not going to run. The situation was what it was and there was no changing what had happened.


                Over half a year had passed since the twins had moved to Kinnear, Wyoming. They were only 19 years old, and no one in the town knew them or why they had suddenly moved in. For most of the first few months, both Jason and Nicky had kept to themselves, each getting normal jobs in small businesses in town. One day, Nicky had told Jason that she was having a friend come over to the house to hang out that night. 

"What do you mean, you invited someone over? I told you before, we can't do that! You know that always ends badly for our kind. Call her and tell her something came up. You can't put her in that situation." Jason told his sister.

His minor melt-down was nothing new. Jason had always been a little paranoid about people finding out or unwittingly being in danger. After all, strange and unpredictable things always happen around shape-shifting descendents of Gryphons.

The End

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