It's Not Goodbye (Part 2)

The next part of the story..

There was also a slight conflict between myself and Ivy. Last year, Ivy advised me to ask questions whenever I didn't understand a particular chapter of a school subject. I'm a very shy, quiet, timid person. I kept trying to break the force field of shyness away from myself, but somehow I failed to do so. As the final government examination was about to approach, I hardly improved or aced most of my subjects. That would be because I had lack of understanding. I knew she was hoping that I would pass the trial tests. I received a text message like as if she was giving me a cold shoulder. Her voice turned to the temperature of Artic ice. I was upset. I was afraid that our friendship would collapse into broken chandelier pieces. But then during a sex education seminar a few days later, Ivy greeted me with a friendly smile. I guessed the anger was erased away. Of course I was relieved.

Friends do fight or hurt each other feelings, but soon the pain will go away to mend the cracks of a broken heart.

As senior year ended, I was accepted to take one semester of Canada Pre-University program at Taylor's College, Kuala Lumpur. That psyched me and worried me at the same time. A new path to my future in Canada was opened to me, but what feared me was I might lose the bond with Ivy and the rest. The first day when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur, I suffered from homesickness. I even waited to receive a call or a text message from Ivy. And I  did. She called me one afternoon as we talked for an hour. We had our usual text message conversations in the mornings. We also kept in touch on Facebook and Skype.

Six months later, I finished the semester and i went bonkers of going back home in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I was excited as well to see my beloved friends. I made a bunch of new friends at Taylor's College, but my heart laid on the 7 auras. I seeked refuge with my family at home  for more than a month, and involved myself in hangouts with my buddies during the weekends. But most of all, I was overjoyed to see Ivy's face once more with that emboldening smile of hers.

The End

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