It's Not Goodbye (part 1)

I'm thinking of sending this story to Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul but sadly I don't have a US address. Anyway, this is a true story about my best friend and me. Ivy Ng, miss you,love you.

Ivy, a girl with an awesome personality. She has changed my life ever since we met back in secondary school. We've been friends for 4 years and we become inseparable. I remember the times when we hang out in sleepovers and parties together with the rest of our clique, the 7 auras. Ivy suggests this name because each and every one of us in this gang has different yet special personalities. We respect one another and share our problems to be discussed.

The first time I met Ivy face to face was when she persuaded me to attend a sport ceremony at the stadium. That happened 4 years ago. Since I had nothing to do that weekend, I decided to go for it. I brought along my story notebooks just in case I was dragged to the quicksand of boredom. Ivy noticed what I was doing and she wanted to read the story I wrote. Well, it was actually a series about fairies. I was working on a volume next to Ivy instead of watching the epic queue of marching athletes. I got that idea from a girl cartoon called Winx Club. And funny that, Ivy was a fan of Winx Club too! From that day onwards , we shared our ultimate interest in Winx Club. She even begged me for borrowing her every single volume of my series. I was surprised to have my first biggest fan of my handwritten masterpieces, yet I liked it.

Slowly, we became close friends. We sat together in class whenever the teachers wouldn't mind the students switching seats. I also get to know some of her friends like Eloise Lau and Brenda Chai. That year, my life was transformed from loneliness to friendliness. You have no idea how depressed I was back when I was a freshman.

As years passed by, I made more new friends. So in the clique, Ivy, Eloise, Brenda, a boy named Haznol Hisham, two other girls named Paulette Ng and Shirlie Ho were joined in. Ivy included me too. Thanks to her, I finally found the see of courage to make new friends. 

The End

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