It's Not Goodbye (Final Part)

here's come the ending of my story. =')

My next journey of education is here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Before I left, I had a last sleepover with Ivy and a farewell party. The sleepover was a total blast. Ivy and I ha dour nails done, surfing the web and watched movies like "Rush Hour" and "John Tucker Must Die". And the farewell party? Well, let's just say it was the most unforgettable event ever. Only four of my friends could make it. I had a series of fun for the last time; bowling and swimming at Sutera Harbour, Marina Golf and Country Club. Before the guests left, they wished me good luck and all the best in my further studies. That evening, Ivy would drove me home. I fought back my tears from flowing out because that day would be the last time I saw her. My last sleepover, my last time together with my best friend..I just couldn't hold the sadness  much longer. At the porch, when she hugged me goodbye, I finally broke down and cried like a child. I let out the tears of leaving her far away, allowing her to hold me in her arms. She spoke comforting words to my ears, kissed lightly on my head and let my teary eyes stared at her warm, dark brown eyes. "Everything's going to be okay. I'll always be there by your side no matter what." she smiled. As her car pulled by, she gestured fingers on her lips, telling me to smile instead of sulk. That moment is the most precious and unforgettable moment in my life. 

So here I am, starting a new chapter of my life journal in Canada. I missed my friends terribly, including Ivy who has been like a sister, a mother, a conscience and a teacher to me in all those years until now. I've been waiting for her to pop in at the chat column on Facebook ever since. Sometimes I feel that she is neglecting me because of other friends she has been hanging out with, but I keep reminding myself that she is waiting for me to come back. A true friend always count on a person, believe in her, care for her, love her and miss her. She is extremely precious to me, just like the other friends I have. So here's the thing. When I return to Malaysia for a visit or get to see her again, I'll find the courage to speak a little more and we'll get along as usual. We'll always be best friends and nothing can break the everlasting bond between us.

The End

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