It's Not Funny Anymore

      It's not funny anymore.  October peered through the slits of the air vent to the office below.  The figure was looking for something, or someone.  For what?  Who?  She didn't have the answer.  In fact, she still didn't know why or what happened to get her here.  The figure was blacked out to where there were no features. 

      It was probably 1 A.M.  There was no sun shining through the windows.  The only light in the office flickered and dimmed as the figure through drawers and papers across the room.  He grunted in anger and threw the last drawer to the ground.  He walked to the door and just as he placed his hand on the door knob October let out a sigh of releif. Alittle to loud apparently, because the figure stopped and cocked his head to the side.

      He grabbed ahold to the back of the desk chair and slid it under the vent.  He pushed hiself up and peered through the vent.  October locked eyes with him and seen murder in them.  She seen just what a person could do.  People underestimate what one person can do to another.  October just couldn't tear eyes away.  The man's eyes changed from black to glowing golden.  HIs face twisted into what was sopposed to be a smirk, but just made a bigger chill go down October's spine. 

    His hand moved swifly to the vent and he wrapped his fingers around the vent slits and pulled the vent face off.  He twisted October's blood drenched hair around his head and pulled her out kicking and screaming all the way.  With tears streaming down her face the figure finally spoke to her.  " Don't worry we'll have fun."  And dragged her out of the office and down the hall.  

The End

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