A Flicker of Something

We are driving home from the hospital, they finally let me leave. My aunt keeps looking over at me with a strange look on her face, as if she's the one who's completely confused at the moment. Then, out of what I'm guessing is curiosity, she asks what she's been wanting to ask for a while now.

"Whay do you remember?"

Nothing. I want to tell her, but that would be a lie. "Well, I can still speak, I know how to read, that's about it." She turns her head, looking back at the road. She goes to hit the button on the stereo to turn on music. A woman's soft voice seeps through the speakers, filling the car with an ocean of sound mixed with silence.

I look outside helplessly, I feel like a tiger trapped in a cage. I know that if I don't start remembering things now, I'll go crazy.

But as we come to a stop at a red light, a boy crosses the street. He looks about my age, and something about him seems....for once...familiar.

The End

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