Its never too late ♥

Jane and Bryan were high school sweethearts but soon after bryan paretns die he has to move to new york to live with hith uncle. They were force to separate. Will fate bring them togather again? I dont know you will just have to read it = ] ....

 Jane started running leaving Bryan behaind , she couldn't believe what just had happened. She was about to burst into tears when she got to the car. He was leaving and never coming back, and she was hurting, her world had just fell appart before her eyes. She had to be strong it was not the end of the world -It might not be the end of the world but is the end of my world- she though and with this she got into the car and drove home.

In about 15 minutes she was home but it didnt make a difference because she was still feeling that emptiness and hurt  that you feel when you lose your first and only love.

Jane passed the living room where her mom was sitting and went directly to her bedroom. As soon as she got in she lock the door and started to get undress and something got her attention. It was reflection in the mirror. Her beautiful green eyes were red and puffy and her straight brown hair looked sort of messy. The the little make up she wore was all messed up but they way she looked at the moment whats not an issue the thing that amazed her was the fact that even thought she looked like hell it was nothing compared to the chaos she had inside her. Suddenly she heard someone knocking on her door.-knock, knock, knock-she was about  to get her hopes up that maybe Bryan had come to tell her that whet he said before wasn't true, when she heard he mom say

''Jane honey i heard you come in a couple of minutes ago and you didn't say hi. Are you ok?''.

''Yes mom Im sorry, I'm just a little tired thats all'' she lied.'' I'm going to sleep now I will talk to you tomorrow morning''.

''OK sweetie good night ''

'' Good night mom'' she said and heard her walk away. She finish undressing and took a quick shower before going bed. She got out of the bathroom and started brushing her hair, that was when the conversation she had with Bryan  pop into her mind. She tried  pushing it away by thinking about something else but it was no use it just kept coming back...

''Janie we have to talk'' he said.OH NO! not the we have to talk phrase, something bad was coming. she knew it, she felt it.

'' What do you want to talk about ''. she said in a small voice

''Janie -there was a short pause- You know i love you with all my heart right?''

''Yes I know I love you too but whats wrong?''

''Baby Im leaving''

''What do you mean you are leaving ?''she said surprised by what she just heard.

''I have to go to live with my uncle in New York. Its not my choice so i have to do it  and I thinks its better if we just end up things now because a long distance relationship would be just too painful for both of us. Janie i wil miss you so much.'' As she heard this her eyes to tear up a little bit and she opened her mouth to say something but no sound came out so he went on '' I think is better this way, thrust me. I know you must feel horrible but you have to understand its for the best''.

Jane tought about many thinks to say, thinks like she didn't want him to go or that there had to be a way the could continue see each other or simply the fact that she couldn't live with out him but she knew he was serious and saying things like that would only make it worse so she said instead ''If is that what you want ok. I will miss too and i wish you the best'' she saw how tears started to fill his eyes and suddenly he pull her close and started to kiss her.

At the beginning the kiss was slow and sweet but as the seconds past by the kiss deepened and it started to get passionate. She put her arms aroud his neck and he had his around her hips pulling her closer-as if that was possible-. She was lost in the kiss and she felt as he didn't want to led her go, that was probably what trigged her reaction.

                                             * * *

Out of nowhere she pulled away. She was out of breath as well as him. He gave her a couple of minutes to calm down and then she said:''I better go i don't want to get home late. I think thinks its better if we don't see each other again, it would only hurt more. I will never forget you'' 

''I won't either, i love you too much" as he said this  a tear rolled down his cheek.

''I love you too'' with this she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and he saw as she ran towards her car.  

The End

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