It's my fault he's dead (work in progress)Mature

Police Constable Amber MacDonald is called to a hotel in order to settle a reported break-in but her decision to wait and call for back-up ends in the death of a young man. Now Amber must battle with her conscience while she helps to search for the perpertrator.

I wipe the sweat from my brow and, in doing so, transfer some of the blood from my hands and onto my forehead. I stare down at the body in front of me, just wishing that the man would suddenly start breathing again and sit up, everything being okay. But deep down I knew that would never happen. The man was dead. Correction; the man was dead and it was all my fault. A split second decision had cost this man his life, and that decision was all mine. I inhaled deeply, realising that I had been holding my breath for a while and that I was starting to feel dizzy. I stood up and looked over at Sam, a fellow police constable. He looked wistfully at the bloody mess, probably wishing, like me, that it would just go away.

"C'mon," was all he said, leaving the room by the door we had entered. Before I left I did a quick sweep of the apartment, taking it all. I hadn't had the chance to when we first came in, due to the fact the man had just been shot. It was a mess, to say the least. The remnants of a glass vase were spread across the floor, alongside a mess of CDs, DVDs and various other things that had been thrown to the ground. I sighed as I left the room and turned to close the door. Sam was waiting a little way down the corridor for me and as I drew closer he saw the silent tear that was rolling down my cheek. "You know this ain't your fault, right Am?" he said, uncertainly, "There was nothing you could do, yeah?" his soothing words calmed me a little, but I still held my gaze with the wall. I had just seen my first ever dead body and if I hadn't decided to call for back-up it wouldn't even be there.

The End

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