Chapter 4Mature


Danielle and Craig are sitting on a green bench in front of the merry-go-round eating ice creams. They’ve gotten to know a little about each other already.

“So you’re twenty-four?” asked Craig

“Do I look twenty-four? Twenty-three actually”

“It was close though”

"Let me guess your age" she looks at him and squints her eyes "You're..." she pauses "...definitely under thirty." Craig laughs "Okay I'm sorry, I suck at guessing ages"

"You were right though, I am under thirty. Twenty-five to be exact" he smiles.

She licks on her cookies and cream ice cream and smiles. It's great they got to meet because he was lots of fun and he's witty.

"So what do you do?" asks Danielle looking at him. He has the strongest jawline.

"What do I do?" he bites from his rocky road ice cream and looks at her. Danielle wanted to melt.

"Yeah. I mean like, are you studying at a university? Working?"

"I'm a photographer who's still trying to be known. Nothing fancy, but I do have a website. Google 'Craig Baikie' and you'll see all my shots"

Danielle smiles. She likes the fact he's proud at what he does and is thrilled she's met a photographer. Also because she's excited to check his website. She tries to think of something smart to say but get interrupted by DJ and Carolina who's finally found her.

"Woman we were looking for you" scolded DJ. She notices Craig and smiles slyly "and now we've found you which is good. But hey, I see someone gorgeous. Will best friend Danielle ever introduce me"

"Omg you have ice cream" Carolina grabs Danielle's cone and finishes it. Danielle is confused and does not say anything.

DJ, realizing Danielle's mind has stopped, talks "Ignore the weirdo wearing yellow. I'm DJ, Danielle's friend"

"I know, you've stared at me in the food court" Craig smiles.

"Has a killer smile and is smart. Nice" DJ kicks Danielle's foot as if ordering her to say something.

"And he's twenty-five" Danielle says. DJ looks at her with a what-does-that-even-mean face.

Carolina comes back to them with no more ice cream "I finished it. Now we have to go. I got a meeting with dad plus we're going somewhere later at night"

Danielle looks at Carolina hinting she doesn't want to go yet but Carolina ignores her. DJ knows Danielle's having fun with the guy but also knows they have to go, Carolina's dad is strict.

DJ pulls Danielle's arm "Craig, we're sorry but we have to go"

"That's alright" he says.

"Bye Craig" Danielle smiles.


Danielle opens the passenger seat while DJ hops in the back. Carolina starts the car and they're back on the road.

"You girls suck. I was having fun" Danielle whines. "We didn't even exchange numbers"

Carolina hands her a tissue. Danielle opens it and reads 'I just feel like something's gonna happen and that I won't get your number. But here's mine' and she sees numbers written down..

"Omg how'd you get this?" Danielle shrieks.

"It was wrapped around your cone that's why i took your ice cream because I saw writings"

"He must have written it down when he bought them for us!"

"Man he's good" DJ grins.

The End

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